LIVELY today releases the video for his smooth hip-hop, R&B infused tune ‘CLIMBING’, a fresh and hopeful song about rising above adversity to chase your dreams, achieve your goals, and live the life you aspire to lead.

Originally released during the 2020 lockdown on his debut 4-track EP L.F.M., with this long-overdue video release, Lively is taking this opportunity to re-present ‘Climbing’ afresh, and to a wider audience.

Taking the listener on an atmospheric cruise of sweet melodies and BV’s laid over an easy groove and fluid beat, ‘Climbing’ showcases Lively’s effortless and silky flow, which shines on this track.

The 23-year-old Polynesian singer-songwriter, MC/ rapper grew up in a big musical family in the middle of Ōtara, South Auckland, and credits his Southside upbringing with giving him the heart and soul that infuses his music. Although it has been a long process to get to this stage with ‘Climbing’, Lively is thrilled to finally be able to share this vision as ‘Climbing’ is a song that marks an important phase of his musical development.

Says Lively: “I actually wrote ‘Climbing’ in 2019, and started recording it during lockdown at our home studio The Cave, and my cuz TJ Buford, aka CREATIONKIT, created the beat. Because of the restrictions and low funds at the time, I had to learn to mix and master the project myself, learning from scratch – a truly humbling experience. This was the first song I wrote, recorded and finished by myself, and I also wrote and recorded the other EP tracks soon after. I have a soft spot for this song as it’s my first true indentation in music as an artist, the start of something great for me.”

“Me being in space in the video represents my wandering mind.
I find myself day-dreaming a lot. With “Climbing” I tried to make the harmonies and the sample to float through-out the track, and I wanted the video to have some reflection of that.
It also represents how I navigate Life.
Space is vast with almost uncountable discoveries, and I’m gliding through admiring it all.
I kind of see Life like that in some sense.” – LIVELY

The versatile young Samoan-Tongan creative is part of The Groovehouse ensemble, home of NZ Tui and Pacific Award winning duo CYDEL, and Lively counts fellow creatives GIANTKILLA, SIAVANI (Lively’s father), ZACNON and OD MO$T as his talented stablemates.

As a result, he has grown up surrounded by music, working in a studio since he was 11, but it wasn’t until he was 16 that he decided he wanted to embrace his expression in music, and pursue a musical path. “I’ve realised that music is therapy for me. There’s a lot of pressure growing up in the hood, and I’m so used to bottling things up. But music always seems to release it all. Whether it’s making music or just listening to it, it’s kept me calm. I’m sure a lot of kids are like that.”

This musical openness provides a channel for a connection to people from divergent walks of life, who experience things differently, and Lively is reassured by the ability of music to cross that divide and communicate understanding, a bonus of creating music that means something to him.

For Lively, the plan is to keep grinding, to move towards where he wants to be with his work and life balance, and he is always grateful to be doing what he loves. “For those out there trying to live out their dreams, keep going. Don’t give up, especially if you’re from the hood. Everyone has their time, so be patient and keep the grind up.”

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