IK Multimedia Pianoverse – Limitless Possibilities

IK Multimedia Pianoverse

From $14.99/month or $129.99

The Bottom line
Pianoverse and the current DLC pianos are versatile and beautiful-sounding and definitely deliver on realism and musicality. Whether you’re a pianist aiming to capture the essence of a grand piano or a music producer seeking genuine piano tones for your tracks, Pianoverse will have you covered

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Spitfire Audio Mercury – Evolving Soundscapes

Spitfire Audio Mercury

$149 USD

Bottom Line:
Spitfire Audio’s Mercury is a definite success in that fills a gap in the ever-saturated market of contemporary epic orchestral libraries. I am confident any arrangement from the most simplistic to complex will be elevated by Mercury, which at this bargain price point certianly puts it into your must-own list for 2022

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Spitfire Audio Albion One: 10th Anniversary Edition.

Spitfire Audio Albion One

$449 USD

Original review, January 2018

Bottom Line:
Flawless quality, excellent curated presets and very usable content.  Absolutely one of the finest composer toolkits on the market, and as confusing as the product line up might be to new users, rest assured this is definitely the grand-daddy flagship and the one you want to aim for with your budget.  Albion One is not only for film composers, but if you’re looking for that larger than life cinematic sound, there is very little else on the market offering such a complete package

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