PSP Audioware 2445 EMT Reverb – Crystal Clear

PSP Audioware 2445 EMT


Originally reviewed February 2018

Bottom Line:
Every producer needs a good range of quality and characterful effect processors in their collection, particularly with reverbs. It’s one of the most important effects for providing spatial depth and ambience to a mix. This is a neat unit with some tricks and one of the smoothest plate verbs I’ve heard, I highly recommend you try the demo, it will certainly grab your attention

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PSP Audioware FETpressor – Smart Essentials

PSP Audioware FETpressor

$99 USD

Original review April 2018

Bottom Line:
PSP Audioware has done well to include this mainstay device in their catalogue which continues to provide solid plugins, each with special little tricks and personalities.  There is a harmonious synergy with this and others in the family that make PSP Audioware products all a pleasure to use

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PSP Audioware E27 Equalizer – Crossing the Line

PSP Audioware E27

$149 USD

Original review November, 2017

Bottom Line:
A wonderfully simple and effective EQ made somewhat clumsy by its steadfast replication of the original hardware device.  The workflow will become second nature in time, just expect some frustration as you familiarize yourself with the device

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PSP Audioware Nexcellence – Twice the Vibe

PSP Audioware Nexcellence

Original review poster October, 2017

Bottom Line:
PSP Audioware has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality processors, and though this might be a little more specialised than your standard bread and butter verb effects, its certainly brings mojo and character that is difficult to find elsewhere

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