Brainworx BX_Console E & G – Real as it gets

Brainworx BX_Console E & G Review

Bottom Line
At $299 each these are little pricey, but considering you’re really buying a complete 72 channel console, I would highly recommend buying both E and G variants purely for the wide variety of options that open up when you have both. Either way, you are investing an exciting company with some serious high-end devices that will become mainstay go-to tool in your DAW for a long time to come

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Plugin Alliance: Elysia Karacter – Turbo Overdrive

Plugin Alliance: Elysia KaracterBottom Line:
A very surprising little package. Two variants of the same basic design, both with different usages in your mix – and both offering a lot more flexibility and creativity than the name hints too –  ‘Character’ is the very least of what Karacter delivers

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