IK Multimedia Releases X-MONITOR Software<br>for iLoud Precision Studio Monitors

IK Multimedia Releases X-MONITOR Software
for iLoud Precision Studio Monitors

IK Multimedia is pleased to announce the release of X-MONITOR, an advanced control application for iLoud Precision studio monitors that enables voicing selection and extended acoustic adjustments. X-MONITOR for Mac and Windows is the control center for all the advanced features built into iLoud Precision.

X-MONITOR is available for free to iLoud Precision owners bringing a host of must-have functionality. From assisting with ARC calibration or saving custom user settings to offering speaker emulations and essential tools for optimizing performance in different environments, X-MONITOR is a breakthrough for mix engineers and studios looking to up their game.

Faster Acoustic Room Correction
iLoud Precision Studio Monitors feature built-in ARC calibration, tuning themselves to the acoustic environment with the included MEMS measurement microphone. X-MONITOR makes the process even easier with step-by-step instructions and visual feedback on the calibration progress and final results.

Customized Response Curves
With the dedicated Contour page, users can adjust specific frequency ranges, with or without ARC, to suit their needs and tastes. These settings are stored inside iLoud Precision and then recalled automatically the next time the speaker is turned on. Once a favorite profile is loaded, X-MONITOR is then only needed to change settings.

Iconic Speaker Emulation
X-MONITOR controls Precision’s ability to emulate the frequency and phase response of the most famous studio monitors on the market, working in tandem with the ARC settings for the best possible sound in any listening environment. This is ideal for testing a mix on different reference systems using just one pair of speakers and without ever leaving the sweet spot.

X-MONITOR makes it immediate to audition the over 20 iconic speaker emulations currently available or reset iLoud Precision to its own native voices.

Rear Panel Control at the Desktop
X-MONITOR gives access to the same controls as Precision’s rear panel making it easy to adjust the settings right from the sweet spot, both for individual speakers or linked pairs. From the software, users can adjust the low-frequency extension, low, high and mid frequency contours, standby timer setting, precise speaker delay and more. No more struggling to experiment with back-panel settings, it can all be adjusted within X-MONITOR.

Software and Hardware Remote Control
X-MONITOR’s user interface includes a virtual version of the iLoud Precision Remote Control (sold separately). iLoud Precision can instantly switch settings via the remote control’s four illuminated switches.
The X-MONITOR software can be used to assign a different function to each one of the switches such as auditioning different speaker profiles for A/B checking, dimming, system mute, ARC on/off, standby and more.

The assignment for each switch is stored inside the monitors so that users can continue operating the iLoud Precision Remote Control without a computer. This opens the door to using iLoud Precisions as completely standalone devices on a mixing desk, in broadcasting setups, or even as an advanced and amazing-sounding hi-fi system for a living room, home theater and more.

Easy Setup and Updates
As IK releases firmware updates with new features and speaker emulations, X-MONITOR keeps users informed and guides them through the firmware update process, making it easy to keep Precisions up-to-date and running optimally.

Pricing and Availability
Registered owners of iLoud Precision studio monitors can download the X-MONITOR software for free from their IK User Area.

iLoud Precision studio monitors with X-MONITOR can be ordered now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide at the following prices:

iLoud Precision 5 – $/€899.99* ea. – 5″ Woofer + 1.5″ Tweeter, 135W RMS
iLoud Precision 6 – $/€999.99 ea. – 6.5″ Woofer + 1.5″ Tweeter, 150W RMS
iLoud Precision MTM – $/€1,199.99 ea. – 2 x 5″ Woofers + 1.5″ Tweeter, 175W RMS

iLoud Precision Remote Control – $/€69.99

*All pricing excluding taxes.

Registered owners of iLoud Micro Monitors and iLoud MTM are eligible for special pricing on all Precision pairs. Users can log in to the IK Multimedia online store to see the discounts available to them.

For more information about the iLoud Precision series:

To see the iLoud Precision studio monitors and X-MONITOR in action:


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