Kicking off a celebration open to the entire community, from the general public to artists, dealers, distributors and enthusiasts alike, Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW) today highlighted their 50-year legacy of innovation, while demonstrating their continued commitment to inspire the next generation of drummers with the introduction of breakthrough technology solutions. Artists, celebrities and VIPs attended the company’s celebration and DW artist Sheila E, best known for her longstanding collaboration with Prince, provided the entertainment.

The 50th Anniversary represents a significant milestone for the company which has built a reputation as the preferred brand of drums and hardware by both professionals and enthusiasts globally. With five decades of product innovations in acoustic drums, pedals and hardware to celebrate, the company is not resting on what’s worked in the past.

“We have has always looked to improve the tools that drummers have at their disposal, and that is what we’ll continue to do in the years ahead,” said Don Lombardi, chief product officer and co-founder of Drum Workshop. “Looking back to 1972 when John and I started the company right here in Santa Monica, we could not be more proud of what the team has accomplished together, and in close partnership with the entire drumming community.”

Revealed at the event was DWe, a first-of-its-kind wireless acoustic electronic convertible drum set. Under development for several years, DWe is designed to blur the lines between acoustic and electronic drums and delivers a natural playing experience. DWe adds innovative, patented technology to the artisan, hand-crafted acoustic drum shells that DW is known for worldwide.

Launching in 2023 and manufactured in DW’s California custom shop, DWe will deliver industry advances in electronic drums with features including true acoustic to electronic convertibility, wireless connectivity, three zone metal cymbals and a premium sample library. 

“DWe will deliver the most authentic playing experience in the market for drummers whether played acoustically or electronically,” says John Good, sr. executive vice president and co-founderof Drum Workshop. “Our focus has always been helping drummers elevate their craft by delivering new innovation, and DWe is no exception.”.

Lombardi added “Including technology in the drummer’s toolkit will enable them to introduce new creative ways to express themselves. DWe solves the issue of having to choose between electronic or acoustic drums and gives drummers the ability to add new sounds to their set up.”

In addition to the reveal of DWe and to celebrate the 50-year milestone, DW Drums is releasing a 50th Anniversary Limited-Edition suite of products available globally beginning November 4, 2022.

  • DW Collector’s Series 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Drums are a constructed from a combination of persimmon, a hard tone wood similar to purpleheart that produces thick attack and projection, combined with spruce that boosts warmth and tonality. Each drum comes with a veneer of rare, quilted maple fitted with inlaid maple and rosewood 50th Anniversary badges and are fitted with antique gold hardware. The Limited Edition drums are available in a 6-piece shell pack, a 6.5”x14” snare, and a 6.5”x14” Edge® snare drum.
  • The iconic 5000 pedal has become the industry standard bass drum pedal after its launch in 1977. Five decades later, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary with the release of a limited edition of the iconic 5000 pedal. Incorporating a DW50 signature logo carbon fiber footboard and heel plate, the Limited Edition 50th Anniversary DW 5050 Carbon Fiber Single and Double Pedals possesses the same speed, precision, and durability you expect — at a reduced weight.

Drum Workshop was acquired by Roland Corporation earlier this fall. DW will continue to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary, with both organizations benefiting from their shared areas of expertise. Masahiro Minowa, chief innovation officer of Roland added “We are excited for DW to reveal this breakthrough innovation and support DW in blending the worlds of acoustic and electronic drums into one seamless package that benefits all drummers.” 

Inspired by John Good’s memories of growing up in Northern Italy, the DW Collector’s Series 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 6-Piece Drum Set features a core of persimmon, a hard tone wood similar to purpleheart that produces thick attack and projection, combined with spruce that boosts warmth and tonality. These 10 PLY HVLT™ shells, handcrafted in DW’s California custom shop, feature a stunning outer veneer of rare, quilted maple, inlaid with a rosewood and maple 50th Anniversary badge and band. The drums are finished in a burnt toast burst lacquer and fitted with antique gold hardware, True-Hoops™, True-Pitch 50™ Tuning, S.T.M (Suspension Tom Mounts) and DW drumheads by Remo® USA.

This pre-configured shell pack includes 8 x 10” and 9 x 12” mounted toms, 12 x 14” and 14 x 16” floor toms, an 18 x 22” kick drum, complemented with a 6.5 x 14” matching 10-ply hybrid persimmon-spruce HVLT™ shell snare, fitted with DW Mag™ Throw-off.

Only 100 of these kits will ever be produced and each includes a certificate of authenticity signed by DW founders Don Lombardi and John Good. In addition, a further 200 à la carte 6.5 x 14” anniversary snare drums will be made for those adding to their snare collections.

DW’s legacy is one of making and developing innovative drums and hardware. We are incredibly proud to mark DW’s 50th Anniversary with these remarkable drums,” said DW sr. executive vice president and co-founder, John Good. “These Limited Edition special drum sets are a celebration of the last fifty years and a taste of the future.”

The 5000 pedal was revolutionary when it launched in 1977 and rapidly became the industry standard bass drum pedal. Decades later, the company is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the release of a limited edition of this iconic pedal, the 5050 featuring a DW50 signature logo carbon fiber footboard and heel plate, making it both durable and lightweight.

It also incorporates the same innovative specifications synonymous with the 5000 series of pedals including, the Accelerator™ (AD4) drive system for increased speed and sensitivity, Tri-Pivot™ Toe Clamp for improved bass drum hoop grip, the Dual Bearing Spring Rocker which delivers ultimate smoothness and the new textured rubber grip pad on the base plate to reduce slippage while playing. DW’s patented Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge, 101 two-way beater, clip-in drum key and built-in spurs all come as standard.

Available in both a single and double pedal options. A limited edition DW50 pedal bag is included.

Our limited edition 50th Anniversary 5050 pedal possesses all the speed, precision and durability drummers have enjoyed for decades with the added advantage of reduced weight,” said Don Lombardi, chief product officer and co-founder.We are excited to offer this new take on the original DW pedal that inspired what has become DW Drums and Hardware today.  We are honoured to be considered The Drummer’s Choice for the past five decades and are looking forward to continuing to innovate.”

DW’s 50th Anniversary Celebration runs through November 7th, and more information can be found at https://www.dwdrums.com/dw50 for a schedule of drum clinics, talks and roundtables. The events are free and open to the public, however, are ticketed on a first come, first serve basis due to capacity constraints. Additionally, some events will be live-streamed on the companies website at https://www.dwdrums.com.


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