Drax Project & Imugi Unlikely collab proves fruitful

Drax Project & Imugi Unlikely collab proves fruitful

Brought to you by Tiger Uncover, from all ends of the North Island comes one unlikely collaboration between Aotearoa’s golden boys DRAX PROJECT and Tāmaki Makarau’s buzziest electronic band IMUGI 이무기

A track of bumping beats, raps and melodies in the underground scene for a hot minute – then open the airways and step into the comforting catharsis of a fresh collaboration that transcends scenes and genre. Drax Project and Imugi present to you with love: ‘solace’

In recognition of the challenging times the music industry has faced over the last few years, Tiger Beer is making a bold feel-good move with its new project Tiger Uncover. Partnering with multi-award-winning Kiwi band Drax Project, sights were set on fostering an imaginative collaboration with one of New Zealand’s most talented underground acts, Auckland-based alt-indie electronic duo Imugi. This convention defying project aims to catapult a previously unimaginable new collab track onto the national stage.

Being presented with the opportunity to collaborate with trailblazing, genre-mashing pop architects Drax Project, was not particularly in the plans for subversively bold electronic duo Imugi. Now seven years deep in the underground scene, Imugi have been providing extraterrestrial beats, words, and melodies for all the misfits in and beyond the buzzing community of Tāmaki Makarau.

Of the collab, Imugi says: “The opportunity to connect with Drax and make this banger was unexpected, but so fun. We went into the sessions with no expectations or ulterior motives other than wanting to push these talented jazz and pop musicians beyond what this ‘normal’ is. We wanted to push muscle re-memory and go beyond traditions in pop song-writing. This collab on Tiger Beer’s platform has meant a lot of opening doors to friendships, differing wisdoms coming together as we pass this metaphorical (and also physical) mic around for everyone to speak their truths and drop some fiery words.”

Drax Project talks about the process: “We’ve always really enjoyed collaboration with other artists and the fresh ideas they bring to the table. It’s a learning process and regardless of experience, when everyone brings an open attitude to a session the learning ends up going both ways.”

WATCH THE EPIC COLLABORATION PROCESS AT: www.tigerbeer.co.nz/uncover

Live @ Studio 230

Music Nation photographer Brad Holland went along to the media unveiling event at Studio 230 this week, check out some of the wicked snaps from the show

Perhaps an unpredicted collaboration, the Drax and Imugi camps easily rolled into a joint flow without forced aural direction nor disagreements. Imugi stayed true to the meditative and experimental nature of their lore: that music connects across all worlds, words and sounds. With this coupling, Imugi’s snappy rap verses juxtaposed with the soft, sentimental lulling of vocals provided by Yery Cho and Drax Projects Shaan Singh.

‘Solace’ contains some of Cho’s most heated verses to date, alongside the pop style funk of Drax, and as always is absolutely dripping with Carl Ruwhiu’s aural embellishments and ethereally funky-and-so-smooth production. Inspired by pumping beats, bass and a pinch of house and created with an intention of catharsis and whimsical yearning for a gentler landscape in this world, at the core of the track Imugi deliver their truth to the rhythm of sax n’ bass.

Imugi wraps it up with: “Music all over our diverse Aotearoa is mind-blowing, we are but one small chapter in the history of the art that has drawn out of the country. We stay thankful in honouring the incredible ways in which no matter what scene you’re a part of, music connects and extends beyond all. Music provides. It weeps and then smiles with you. In the bitter-sweetness of the trials and tribulations of life so far, we share with you our ‘solace’ – pumped together by IMUGI X DRAX.”


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