<strong>UDO unveils Super Gemini flagship synth</strong>

UDO unveils Super Gemini flagship synth

Unveiled to widespread critical acclaim at the SUPERBOOTH23 specialist trade fair hosted at FEZ-Berlin, Germany (May 11-13), British electronic musical instrument company UDO is proud to announce (the upcoming) availability of its flagship Super Gemini.

Gifting users with instantaneous comprehensive control over both of its timbral layers to tweak, mould, and bend performances with unparalleled sonic possibilities as a 20-VOICE DUAL LAYER POLYPHONIC BINAURAL ANALOG-HYBRID SYNTHESIZER WITH SUPER-WAVE TECHNOLOGY, tastefully highlighted as such on its exquisitely-executed, expansive control panel framing a custom-engineered ribbon controller and a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch.

Acting as the second synthesizer in UDO’s so-called ‘Super’ series — following in the familiar footsteps of its 49-note Fatar keyboard-based Super 6 (12 VOICE POLYPHONIC BINAURAL ANALOG-HYBRID SYNTHESIZER WITH SUPER-WAVE TECHNOLOGY) that first saw the light of day in 2020 and an associated super-compact desktop alternative later launched in 2021, Super Gemini represents a quantum leap in the British electronic musical instrument company’s technology to build upon the acclaimed rich sound pioneered by founder and designer George Hearn. “This is the synthesizer that I always wanted,” he says. Super 6, our breakthrough instrument, is powerful and capable in so many ways and reaches places that the Super Gemini cannot; however, I wanted to make an instrument that is as immediate and responsive as I could wish for, with hands-on control over multiple sonic textures at any one time, and a host of expressive features, so I could come up with musical idea after musical idea and become lost in a sonic adventure for hours.”

Adopting a true-stereo binaural signal path with dual FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) and twin effects processors — performance-wise, backed by a rear panel-positioned DLY FREEZE pedal connection — to take users on an adventure of spectral dynamics, of glittering frequency and shattering subharmonics, and of comfort and discord, expectations and surprises, Super Gemini twins its 20 voices to form 10 ‘Super’ voices. As a result, the left and right channels — and each ear — are assigned a complete synthesizer voice that not only allows for the warm analogue tone that UDO is championing, but empowers those users to create extremely dynamic spatial sounds.

Stacked with up to 20 voices of polyphony, Super Gemini boasts a particularly powerful sound engine where a performance is not just a single sound, however, but rather realises an entire spectrum of sonic opportunity in which voices and timbral layers can be split, separated, and sequenced — all at the touch of a single control. Since Super Gemini is equipped with dual synth-control levels — also reflected in its rear panel-positioned L LOWER R– and L UPPER R-labelled LAYER OUTPUTS (alongside a self-explanatory L R MIX OUTPUT), it offers users instantaneous comprehensive control over multiple timbre layers, letting performances be tweaked, moulded, and bent in an unprecedented, real-time form from a synth that reaches new heights of immediate and powerful playing. Put it this way: with rich digital hardware oscillators of unique construction, decorated with a plethora of tonal features such as wave morphing, CROSS MOD and RING MOD, bi-directional SYNC, and more besides all feeding into an all-analogue signal path inspired by yesteryear’s classic vintage instruments, the resultant core sound is rich, evolving, engaging, and addictive — fusing a state-of-the-art FPGA digital architecture with archetypal voltage-controlled synthesizer technology to encompass all that is great from the era of classic analogue polyphonic synthesizers, perfectly packaged in an unparalleled form factor that is immensely powerful, flexible, and reliable, in other words.

While matching sonic innovation with tactility — to also incorporate its welcomed trio of rear panel-positioned connections for VOL (volume), EXP (expression), and SUS (sustain) PEDALS, Super Gemini gains from featuring a 61-note semi-weighted keybed with polyphonic aftertouch, as well as a custom-engineered ribbon sensor for individual note articulation. As such, Super Gemini guarantees to enhance musicianship from the first touch, teasing out new ways and gestures to explore and express sound. Sonic explorations, of course, can be safely stored and edited, thanks to 256 performance and patch slots, 64 interchangeable waveforms, and 16 sequences.

Forged from aluminium and steel, Super Gemini is indisputably robust in its construction, bolstered by an array of superior-quality mechanical controls to ensure it is engineered for reliability and service. As a loyal workmate and companion, this 20-voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analogue-hybrid powerhouse employing an unprecedented dual-layer design will surely stand the test of time.

“This sophisticated instrument could only be realised with the absolute cutting edge of digital and analogue technology that exists today; it could not have been realised in such a reliable, roadworthy, robust package even 10 years ago,” asserts a duly delighted George Hearn, before ending on some suitably high notes: “It is the culmination of engineering effort, artistic design, technology, and culture coming together that have made this instrument possible; put it this way: it is possibly the pin-up dream synth of my youth!” 

Priced at £3,595.00 GBP (including VAT)/€3,999.00 EUR (including VAT)/$4,195.00 USD, Super Gemini is expected to ship via UDO’s growing global network of stockists (https://www.udo-audio.com/stockists) in October 2023.

For further information about Super Gemini, please visit its dedicated webpage, which also includes some superb-sounding demos from founder and designer George Hearn himself, here: https://www.udo-audio.com/super-gemini (Feel free to sign up to The UDO Newsletter there to be kept up to date on shipping.)


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