<strong>Unleashing Creativity: Uncover the Top 4 Most Creative DAWs of 2023</strong>

Unleashing Creativity: Uncover the Top 4 Most Creative DAWs of 2023

Digital audio workstations (DAWs) are at the heart of modern music production, offering powerful tools and features to bring your creative ideas to life.

While DAWs have traditionally served as powerful tools for recording and editing music, a new wave of innovative software has emerged, offering immersive and inspirational experiences that push the boundaries of traditional music creation.

In this article, we will dive into four notable titles: Reason Studio, Bitwig Studio, Tracktion Waveform 12, and Harrison Mixbus 32C. These go beyond the conventional paradigms, transforming the studio environment into a limitless canvas of sonic possibilities, and nurturing artistic expression in unprecedented ways.

Tracktion Waveform 12.5
Tracktion Waveform 12.5

Tracktion Waveform 12.5 pro and free versions offer a perfect blend of power, flexibility, and a user-friendly interface, empowering musicians, producers, and sound engineers to bring their creative visions to life.

Reason Studio v12
Reason Studio 12

Renowned for its innovative approach, Reason Studios offers a unique virtual rack system that mimics the experience of working with physical gear. This modular design allows users to combine and route various virtual instruments, effects, and processors effortlessly.

Mixbus 32c

Developed by Harrison Consoles, Mixbus 32c offers a unique mixing experience that emulates the sonic qualities of renowned hardware consoles from the past. Mixbus 32c also includes a wide range of high-quality plugins and effects to enhance the creative process.

Bitwig Studio

Designed with versatility in mind, Bitwig Studio offers a flexible and modular workflow that adapts to the needs and preferences of its users. Bitwig Studio features a unique integration of hybrid tracks and clip blocks, with a strong focus on modulation through the innovative Grid environment.

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Why it is important to find a DAW that fits you like a glove

DAWs are essential software platforms in most modern music production studios, offering powerful tools and features to bring your creative ideas to life. Each brings a unique approach and set of features to cater to different music production needs.

Though the price is a consideration, the most limiting factor for either finding your first DAW or transitioning from another is usually the learning curve. A DAW may boast a huge number of functions and features, but if the interface is unintuitive, uninspiring or simply too complicated, your music creativity will be affected.

How we chose the candidates for our top 4 list

There are many factors that were considered when we created this list, and though the selection of fully-featured DAWs on the market is surprisingly few, we focused on platforms that were more creative in nature over traditional mainstays.

We are not looking for the most popular, powerful or fully-featured, but rather DAWs that encourage exploration and inspiration, with minimal interruption from the technology.

This guide covers the best digital audio workstations based on the following:

  • Creative and intuitive workflow
  • Immersion
  • Inspiration
  • Included resources, instruments and effects.

Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a seasoned producer, or simply an enthusiast seeking to immerse yourself in the world of music production, modern DAWs have the power to open up new horizons for music creation like never before. Let’s explore the capabilities and strengths of these software platforms.

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Tracktion Waveform 12

Tracktion Waveform 12.5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tracktion Waveform 12.5 is an impressive DAW that truly stands out in the realm of music production. With its powerful yet user-friendly interface, it caters to both beginners and professionals alike, making it a versatile choice for musicians, producers, and sound engineers.

Tracktion Waveform 12

Waveform 12.5 excels in providing an intuitive workflow, allowing users to seamlessly record, edit, and mix audio tracks with ease. The drag-and-drop functionality enhances productivity, while its robust MIDI capabilities grant precise control over virtual instruments and synthesizers.

One of the standout features of Waveform 12.5 is its comprehensive collection of plugins and effects, offering a vast array of creative options for enhancing audio. Moreover, its advanced automation tools and seamless integration with external hardware ensure a seamless production process.

With its impressive audio processing capabilities, Waveform 12.5 enables artists to achieve professional-grade results. Whether you’re a songwriter, beatmaker, or sound engineer, Tracktion Waveform 12.5 is a powerful and accessible DAW that delivers both functionality and creativity.

Waveform is one of the best DAWs on the market for integrating with external MIDI and audio hardware. The integration with supported MIDI controllers is top-notch, in some cases outperforming even native platforms like PreSonus Studio One.

Tracktion Waveform 12

Perhaps the most important features of Tracktion Waveform 12.5 is the availability of a completely free version. Though Waveform is perhaps the most traditional DAW featured in this article, it claims the top spot for allowing not only new users the opportunity to test the DAW but students, hobbyists and those on a limited budget a fully-featured platform they can immediately begin to write music with.

The free version features the same base platform and all of the functionality of the full pro version, without some of the more advanced tools and effects. The intent is for users to pick and choose their own upgrades as they feel necessary.


  • Though a fully-featured free version is available, the full pro version is still a fraction of the price of the competition.
  • Very powerful and intuitive rack/grid system.
  • A well-optimised audio engine handles much larger projects than all other DAWs tested.
  • Well-written manual and excellent online guides.
  • Very well-designed, clutter-free UI.
  • The FX are all excellent, largely removing the need to buy extra 3rd party plugins.
  • The pro version features full video support with simple editing, along with other excellent composer-focused MIDI tools.


  • The unusual workflow may frustrate some at first.
  • The included loops, samples and instruments are very basic.
  • Some GUI quirks take time to learn.
  • The GUI colouring system doesn’t work well for MIDI editing, as it is velocity based that tends to be very hard to see most of the time.

Best for:

  • New users
  • Media composers, especially those using sample libraries and scoring to video.
  • Musicians and producers with extended outboard hardware

Waveform 12.5 is available for free or the full pro version for $99 USD

Reason Studio

Reason Studio 12

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Reason Studios 12 is a standout DAW that has solidified its position as a go-to choice for creative music production. Though somewhat typecast at the ‘EDM Production DAW’, Reason Studio offers an excellent sandbox for most modern genres of music.

Reason Studio

Known for its unique virtual rack system, Reason provides a remarkably intuitive and creative environment for artists and producers. The modular design allows users to connect and route virtual instruments, effects, and processors mimicking the experience of working with physical gear.

Reason Studios offers a library of high-quality effects and instruments called Devices, providing endless possibilities for crafting unique and professional-grade music. Reasons Combinators allow grouping of devices to create powerful. multi-layer effects or instruments. Additionally, Reason Studios 12 features mixing and mastering tools with its accurate reproduction of a full SSL console, ensuring exceptional audio quality in every project.

Reason Studio

The seamless integration of external hardware and the inclusion of advanced features like multi-track recording, block editing and versatile automation options further enhance its capabilities. Whether you’re a songwriter, beatmaker, or sound designer, Reason Studios empowers you to bring your musical visions to life with ease and creativity.

Reason Studio is quite unique in its workflow that will take some time to adjust to if you’re coming from another platform. Though it is notably lacking in some fairly basic DAW features, long-time users prefer Reason for its quirky and immersive workflow.

Reason Studio has a monthly subscription service which is ideal for new users to jump in and test the platform.


  • Very immersive visual simulation of a real-world studio.
  • Clever selection of rack FX and instruments that integrate seamlessly with each other.
  • The gorgeous SSL-style mixer with its master bus compressor sounds amazing.
  • A huge selection of loops and samples.
  • Excellent MIDI utility player devices.
  • The core ‘rack’ with all its FX and instruments can load in other DAWs, massively increasing Reasons flexibility.


  • No scoring or video support for composers.
  • The ageing platform is notably down on performance compared to the competition.
  • Lacks many common DAW features.

Best for

  • Electronic and virtual instrument music producers
  • Users who prefer a more tactile, hands-on workflow
  • Experimental synth-based musicians

Reason Studio 12 is available as either a single purchase for $499 USD or a monthly subscription for $19 USD.

Harrison Mixbus 32c

Harrison Mixbus 32c v9

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Harrison Mixbus 32C is an exceptional DAW that brings the coveted sound and workflow of a large analogue console into the digital realm.

Harrison Mixbus 32c

Developed by Harrison Consoles, Mixbus 32C offers a truly unique mixing experience that captures the warmth and character of the company’s classic hardware consoles.

The software’s built-in mixer is equipped with precise EQs, dynamics processors, and bus-summing capabilities that add a distinct analogue flavour to the audio. Mixbus is quite literally a virtual mixing console that happens to have multitrack sequencing.

Mixbus 32C also includes a wide range of high-quality plugins and effects, allowing users to enhance their mixes with professional-grade processing. The integration of hardware controllers provides a tactile and intuitive mixing experience, reminiscent of traditional consoles.

Harrison Mixbus 32c

Furthermore, Mixbus 32C offers advanced features such as seamless track freezing, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive routing options.

Mixbus 32c is designed in-house by Harrison Consoles, so there is a definite feeling of experience and know-how imparted from the development team who also design and build the real-deal analogue consoles.

Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer or a musician looking to achieve that vintage analogue sound, Harrison Mixbus 32C DAW delivers outstanding results, making it a top choice for those seeking a professional and authentic mixing environment.


  • Outstanding sound.
  • Simple workflow.
  • Surprisingly powerful audio engine copes with high track count projects easily.
  • Very experienced support team
  • Mixbus and Mixbus 32c are under constant development and seem to improve consistently.


  • Limited MIDI and advanced audio edition functions.
  • The knob-per-function workflow means a rather cramped GUI, especially on smaller monitors.
  • Aesthetically, quite an old-fashion design and layout, though some users may prefer this.
  • Quite pricey unless you’re specifically wanting the vintage analogue sound.

Best for:

  • Experienced mix engineers and producers looking for a vintage and analogue vibe
  • Mostly audio-based mixing and mastering projects

Harrison Mixbus comes in two flavours, a standard MixBus version at $129 and the full 32c version at $349 USD.

Bitwig Studio

Bitwig Studio v5.0

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Bitwig Studio is an innovative and forward-thinking software that has garnered a strong reputation in the music production community.

Bitwig Studio

This cutting-edge DAW offers a dynamic and modular environment that adapts to the needs and preferences of its users. With its sleek and intuitive interface, Bitwig Studio provides a seamless workflow for composing, recording, editing, and mixing music.

One of the standout features, “The Grid,” allows for modular synthesis. This also enables users to create intricate sound designs and custom instruments with ease. Combined with Bitwigs’ Modulator Ecosystem presents a vast array of modulators, ranging from traditional ones like LFOs, envelopes, and step sequencers to more unique and experimental options. With over 100 to choose from, users can modulate nearly every parameter within the DAW, giving them unparalleled control over sound manipulation and expressive possibilities.

Bitwig Studio

The hybrid tracks feature effortlessly combine audio and MIDI within the same track, offering unparalleled flexibility in composition. Bitwig Studio also boasts an extensive collection of virtual instruments, effects, and sample libraries, empowering users to explore a wide range of sonic possibilities.

The DAW’s multi-track editing capabilities, clip-launching functionality, and advanced modulation system add depth and creativity to performances. Whether you’re a producer, DJ, or sound designer, Bitwig Studio DAW opens up a world of possibilities for pushing musical boundaries and unleashing your creativity.


  • Amazing modulation ecosystem, truly built for experimentation and exploration of sound.
  • Multiple projects can share elements by drag-and-drop.
  • Weak multi-channel and external MIDI.
  • The forward-thinking environment will be appreciated by more adventurous producers.


  • No video support
  • Very pricey
  • Steep learning curve if you are new to modular synthesis and want to deep-dive into Bitwig’s more powerful functions.
  • The somewhat unpredictable nature of the grid and modulator system may not work for everybody.

Best for:

  • Experimental producers and musicians
  • Live performance
  • Modular synth fans

Bitwig Studio cost $399 USD, then $129 USD per year for support and updates. An Essentials limited 16-track version is available at $99.

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In conclusion: The DAW that fits your needs

The world of digital audio workstations has been enriched by the emergence of exceptional software like Bitwig, Reason, Waveform, and Mixbus. Each of these DAWs brings a unique set of features and capabilities that cater to different creative needs and workflows.

In the end, the choice depends on individual preferences, creative goals, and workflow preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the modulation prowess of Bitwig Studio, the modular approach of Reason Studio, the user-friendly experience of Waveform 12, or the analogue charm of Mixbus, these DAWs offer a wealth of tools and capabilities to unlock your musical potential.

Whichever DAW you choose, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have a powerful tool at your disposal, ready to accompany you on your musical journey.

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