Stirring up a musical storm!

Stirring up a musical storm!

I was only introduced to the sweet, soulful, indie, pop-rock noise of The Stormporter‘s this afternoon, but I’ve had their debut single ‘Find Yourself‘ on repeat ever since.

Originating from England and Scotland, Tim Allen & Tone Thorburn who make up this exceptionally talented duo, came together in their adopted country of New Zealand which they now call home, to make music and share their collection of life stories in a phenomenal manner.

While some artists are still attempting to become the next Katy Perry or Justin Bieber’s of the world, little old New Zealand ceases to amaze me with the unique incredible talent we continue to produce.

Find yourself and never let go

StormporterStormporter are no exception to this. If you are currently unaware of who they are or have not yet heard their debut single, ‘Find Yourself,’ there’s no doubt you will soon become acquainted with both their name and sound, as they’re bound to hit radio waves around the world in no time.

Already swirling up a storm on the airwaves throughout New Zealand, ‘Find Yourself’ has featured on both Juice TV and C4. With a live performance to come on 95bFm on Wednesday, April 16, they will also perform their yet to be released seconds single, ‘Sparkle, Shimmer, Shine‘ live on air.

With sweet meaningful lyrics about ‘not fitting in but finding yourself and never letting go,’ the single gives you a taste into many different worlds producing a touching message that can be interpreted in numerous ways.

Adorned with a catchy and up beat indie, pop-rock rhythm and soulful uplifting blare of trumpets, ‘Find Yourself’ is bound to sink into your skin remain in your head long after its finished.

Produced by Kiwi legend, Ben King (Goldenhorse, Grand Rapids), Stormporter pulled in some exceptionally talented musicians to help them with the single, from Matthias Jordan (Pluto, Gin Wigmore), Haddon Smith (The Checks, Ruby Frost, Annah Mac) and Adam Tobeck (Jesse Sheehan) all contributing their musical expertise to this exquisite track.

With only one single released under their name so far, with more already on the way, I for one am excited to hear what comes next from this talented duo and would highly recommend adding these guys to your watchlist, because they’re out to cause a musical storm, that’s for sure!

Check out their interview on NZ Entertainment Podacast’s latest episode where they performed an impromptu acoustic version of ‘Find Yourself and check out the official video for the single below.

Don’t forget to catch their upcoming performance on 95bFm, so you can be one of the first to hear their upcoming second single, which I can safely assume is going to be incredible, especially if ‘Find Yourself’ is anything to go by!

Stormporter- ‘Find Yourself’ Official video:

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