South Auckland songwriter and multi-disciplinary creative SIAVANI delivers a deeply heartfelt message to young people everywhere with his latest single ‘Think About It’.

Award-winning musician/writer/producer/director Saipele Nili aka SIAVANI hits all the feels with his latest – an irresistibly smooth and melodic R&B-infused song ‘Think About It’, out today on Groovehouse Music.

An affecting but uplifting tune, ‘Think About It’ is a nurturing call to action, a touching entreaty that speaks directly to the listener through its powerful messaging around mental well-being. To think carefully about the decisions we make, to reach out for support – because it is out there – so we don’t hurt ourselves or those we love in the long term. Above all, Siavani encourages self-care, self-understanding, self-love, and self-belief as he sings:

“It’s so important to love on yourself You really need to understand to acknowledge self-wealth
They’re people like you surviving today, associate, elevate and seize the day Think about it, so make sure you think about, think about it”

Written by Siavani, composed and co-produced by Risnm Tangianau, ‘Think About It’ carries alofa at its core, with the song dedicated to someone very close to Siavani’s heart.

Saipele explains: “I lost my nephew last year. He took his own life, even though he was really talented in sports and arts and was a leader in his high school – no one knew what he was going through. I wrote ‘Think About It” in dedication to him, and as an encouragement to any youth or person who needs to hear how important they are to their loved ones. And to reach out for support because there is support out there.”

As one half of the multi-award-winning RnB/Soul duo CYDEL, Siavani has been releasing music for well over two decades. Over that time, he has always maintained a fierce and prolific creative independence by dropping solo album projects, mentoring artists through the GrooveHouse record label, writing, producing, and directing films and music videos.

Siavani is a performer on a mission to share his knowledge and love of all things creative – a brilliant, soulful artist who takes his listeners with him on a journey to where the heart, soul, and mind connect. Fans can expect more new music to drop later this year.

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