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Firstly, thank you for your interest in supporting Music Nation. As you can appreciate, it’s a tricky thing running a business in an industry that itself struggles to make ends meet.

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Music Nation is a small collective of photographers, writers and journalists and prides itself on being a fully independent media organization, operating autonomously and free from external influences.

Our editorial decisions, content creation, and partnerships are all driven by our commitment to deliver authentic, unbiased coverage of the New Zealand music industry. As an independent entity, we have the flexibility to pursue stories that matter most to our audience, without being swayed by commercial interests or corporate agendas.

Our income is solely derived from donations, affiliate commissions, and revenue from events we organize.

If you’d like to support us, here are several ways we’ve incorporated into the site for you to financially support our work:

Make a straightforward cash donation. At the bottom of our articles and reviews, you’ll find a ‘Shout us a coffee’ link, allowing for a simple $5 (or any amount) donation to our PayPal fund. This contribution is divided evenly, with 50% supporting Music Nation’s website operational costs and the other 50% going to the author of the post.

Explore our Merch shop and see if any of the stylish t-shirts catch your eye. With each sale, we typically earn around $3, providing a direct means of support.

Purchase concert tickets through our Touring Now page. While we only receive a small commission for each ticket sold via our link (typically around 25 cents), these contributions accumulate and offer a no-cost method for supporting us.

Consider buying software advertised on our site. Through our partnerships, we receive a commission of approximately 5% for sales, particularly on software titles. While this might not be a regular activity for everyone, if you’re planning to purchase music software in the future, your click would be greatly appreciated.

Simply engage with our social media content by sharing, liking, or commenting. Increased engagement helps us attract more traffic from social media platforms, indirectly benefiting us significantly.

Local musicians, please note that we have a fantastic team of photographers, writers, and marketing experts available as freelancers. We offer services for live and studio promotional photos, PR and press kit creation, as well as consultation for any music industry advice you may require.

Feel free to contact the editor with enquiries.

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