Heaven’s Basement

Heaven’s Basement

We hung out with the lads from Heaven’s Basement to talk about their latest album, single and tour.  No doubt the busiest rock band in England, it was amazing we managed to snag them for a few minutes.

‘Filthy Empire’ recorded in LA by producer John Feldmann (Black Veil Brides), is steeped in energy and the resulting slab of rock sees a healthy dose of contemporary freshness added to the bands sound.

The album, features 12 tracks including the singles ‘Fire,Fire’ and ‘Nothing Left To Lose‘ and conjures the greats – the high-wire swagger of Led Zeppelin, the outlaw chaos of Guns’n’Roses – without ever copying their moves. Don’t be like your heroes, be as good as them, seems to be Heaven’s Basement’s game. “We wanted to take the ambition of all the great rock’n’roll that came before us, the essence, but make it sound completely modern and relevant,” explains Sid Glover. “I want people to say , ‘Fuck man, I haven’t heard an album that’s made me feel this pumped up in ages, I haven’t seen a band with this much energy and ‘Go fuck yourself’ attitude…’” It’s hard to imagine the album stirring any other kind of reaction, to be honest, and for Heaven’s Basement, this is clearly only the beginning.



Heavens Basement from Music Nation on Vimeo.

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