Davey Beige And The Blackdoor Band To Release Album ‘Beginner’s Mind’ On September 29.

Davey Beige And The Blackdoor Band To Release Album ‘Beginner’s Mind’ On September 29.

At one time, over a dozen beige suits filled Davey Beige’s wardrobe. A majority of this historic menswear collection featured fawn safari suits, the genesis for his stage name. This was back in the day when he and his band The Peter Stuyvesant Hitlist were one of the must-see bands in town.

Davey’s name still remains, however the safari suits have been upgraded for rock’n’roll threads and brown suede boots.

With over thirty years of professional experience as a guitarist, songwriter, singer, teacher, columnist and performer, Davey has worked with many notable New Zealand artists including John Rowles, Bunny Walters, Fiona McDonald, Peter Urlich, The Topp Twins, Dave McArtney, Harry Lyon and Don McGlashan.

Supported by the all-star cast of The Backdoor Band, Davey’s new album ‘Beginner’s Mind’ is set for release on September 29.

The songs as well as the musical performances on it are influenced by his life in the Bay of Plenty, and a recent discovery of mindfulness – Davey’s commitment to living well and living in the moment.

Story Angles
  • Then and now: In the early days, Davey played in various bands (like The Earthlings) supporting many a Flying Nun band, before joining The Peter Stuyvesant Hitlist, a live favourite during the late 90s.
  • During his time teaching at both MAINZ and Toi Ohomai – Tauranga (formerly Bay Of Plenty Polytech), he taught musicians Gin Wigmore, Zowie, Emily Litter (Street Chant) and many more.
  • An academic approach to songwriting – “The words make the music and music makes the words: Exploring my potential as a singer-songwriter” – ‘Beginner’s Mind’ is part of Davey’s thesis towards his Doctor of Musical Arts, started in 2014 through The Queensland Conservatorium at Griffith University.
  • Living in the moment: The music was inspired by mediation, written quickly through a stream of consciousness and jams, recorded live, to achieve and preserve the right feel.
What Others Say About Davey Beige…


Great song! And especially funny if you’re in the right mood. Really loved your set at The Rogue Stage the other week. Please keep up the humour! – Jonathon Hagger, fan

Any student of acoustic soul will surely enjoy this learning experience. Beige plays alternative-tuned guitar and adds harmonica alongside a band of very experienced, gently-grooving cohorts, for an instrumentation that is right for the lyrically soul-full album that is ‘Fold in Two’. This album unfolds with time, revealing more of its well-recorded simple pleasures and developing its charm on repeat listenings. – Don Late, NZM

Humourous, yet poignant, great connection with the audience. His blues/jazz fusion style is the perfect accompaniment to his penned originals. Highly recommended! – Karin Vincent, The Rogue Stage

Some More Info

Songs: Davey Beige
Recording & Production: Daryl Tapsell
Mastering: Zed Brookes

Recorded at Black Door Studios and MAINZ, Auckland

The Blackdoor Band
Davey Beige: Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, percussion
Earl Robertson (ex-The Chills): Drums, harmonica
Tony Waine (The Narcs): Bass guitar
Harry Lyon (Hello Sailor): Electric guitar, mandolin, backing vocals.
Alan Brown (Blue Train, Alargo): Hammond, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, piano, synthesizer.
Kingsley Melhuish (Harry Himself): Trumpet, trombone, saxophone
Daryl Tapsell (Malevolence): Percussion, samples
Jean McAllister (The Drongos): Backing vocals, percussion.

Previous releases

‘Fold In Two’ (2013)

‘Hard Work’ EP (2014)




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