Antelope Audio all set to wow Musikmesse masses with Edge Strip showcase

Antelope Audio all set to wow Musikmesse masses with Edge Strip showcase

High-end professional audio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio is proud to be showcasing its new Edge Strip mic modelling solution for the first time in Europe at Musikmesse 2018, April 11-14 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Edge Strip is a true treasure trove of mic emulation made perfectly possible by bundling Antelope Audio’s all-analogue, dual-channel DISCRETE MP Discrete Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp (designed to deliver the company’s signature pristine audio quality) with its dual-capsule, large-diaphragmEDGE condenser modelling microphone (designed to reproduce the expressiveness and character of costly classic microphones). Moreover, Edge Strip comes complete with several free native-format Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins. Included amongst those is the STAY-LEVIN compressor created by Antelope Audio CEO Igor Levin himself to capture the spirit of its historic hardware namesake that shaped the special sound of a slew of Sixties Stateside classics. Combined with the bundled state-of-the-art hardware, these act as an all-in-one solution for formulating high-quality studio recordings with an authentic vintage analogue sound.

Still better, the Edge Strip bundle is compatible with any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) system since its free Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins — including several classic microphone (BERLIN 47 FT, BERLIN 67, BERLIN 87, and TOKYO 800T) and preamp (ANTELOPE V76, GIRAFFE G9, and BAE 1073 MP) emulations, the vintage-sounding BA 1073 EQ, plus STAY-LEVIN compressor — are available in all major native (AAX, AU, and VST) formats. Furthermore, Edge Strip works with any studio setup straight out of the box since any half-decent audio interface is already equipped with a pair of analogue inputs. It even features a 1kHz calibration OSC (oscillator) on the DISCRETE MP Discrete Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp for assisting any audio interface that is not capable of precise channel pair gain matching.

Technically, the Edge Strip bundle betters any alternative out there. Thanks to the dual-capsule design of its cutting-edge EDGE condenser microphone, Antelope Audio can capably model microphones in 3D with step-by-step polar pattern adjustment. As such, it also offers control over off-axis response (resulting in a distortion or change in the frequency response of the reproduced audio signal that is not directly in front of the microphone) and the proximity effect (increasing low frequency response when a sound source is close). Digging deeper, EDGE’s dual edge-terminated capsules dispense with termination mounts in the centre of the diaphragm itself, freeing up the entire diaphragm to vibrate without interfering with the sound waves (unlike restrictive centre-mounted designs where the diaphragm is necessarily more static). Smooth/natural sound results, reproducing the expressiveness and character of costly classic microphones but without excessive expense. Essentially, this gives EDGE — and, in turn, the Edge Strip bundle — its competitive edge.

Experiencing EDGE at its maximum potential is a given — given that Antelope Audio’s talented team of engineering experts, led by capable company CEO Igor Levin, designed the DISCRETE MP Discrete Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp to perfectly match the character of that cutting-edge EDGEmodelling microphone to a tee. The unique discrete design allows Antelope Audio to modify each individual aspect of the preamp, putting total control over colouration, clarity, and character in the hands of discerning users. Ultimately, then, the DISCRETE MP Discrete Dual Ultra-Linear Microphone Preamp powerfully punches well above its (950g) weight while packing a lot into its diminutive (190mm W x 46.5mm H x 157mm D) dimensions, as evidenced by its impressive technical specifications: two INPUTS on MIC-XLR and LINE-USE 1/4” JACK, offering 20dBu max balanced @ 2kΩ (XLR only) and 29dBu max balanced @ 13K to ground (TRS only); two TRS OUTPUTS (22dBu max); USB CONTROL I/O (USB 2.0 Full-Speed Type B for remote control only); and a mic preamp pushing out an accomplished gain range of 0dB to 61dB (in 1dB steps) alongside 48V phantom power.

Put it this way: while those time- and effort-saving native-format Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins are free, there is no denying that they add value to an already-invaluable preamp and modelling microphone mix. After all, each plug-in puts to use a high degree of oversampling and precise floating-point calculations to accurately model vintage effects with unparalleled detail. Even when emulating microphones, preamps, and signal processors, users can breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that the Edge Strip bundle brings minimal latency and Antelope Audio’s second-to-none signature sound to bear on their own sound, whatever they wish that to be.

Antelope Audio will be showcasing the Edge Strip bundle on booth F30 in Hall 4.1 at Musikmesse 2018, April 11-14 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Go check it out!

Edge Strip is now available to directly purchase online from Antelope Audio ( or via Antelope Audio’s growing global network of dealers with an MSRP of €1,295.00 EUR. (Note that the free native-format Fusion AFX Pack plug-ins are all iLok protected; users can create a free account for the iLok Licensing System and purchase the third-generation iLok Smart Key from here:

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated Edge Strip webpage here:



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