Concert Survival Guide

Your concert survival guide for 2018 It’s the season for outdoor concerts and festivals again.  There’s nothing like seeing your favourite band with 5000 other screaming fans, plus... Read more

Introducing: Kurisú

“My music is about the darkness that we typically don’t like to talk about. The truth is we all face difficult times and if we could be honest about it, the better the chances of us overcoming... Read more

BIO: Levi Patel

“The perfect companion to that vivid and beautiful landscape, that moment of fleeting love,or indeed, the escapism needed from it all. It’s damn-right beautiful.” – A... Read more

Shayna King

I had never met musician Shayna King before, then before I knew it we had crossed paths three times in four days. Not being a superstitious person be any stretch of the imagination, some would... Read more