The Pink Floyd Experience – Live @ The Bruce Mason Theatre, Auckland 2019

The Pink Floyd Experience – Live @ The Bruce Mason Theatre, Auckland 2019

The Pink Floyd Experience, not to be mistaken with any other cover band, have paid a great tribute to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Wall.


With the entire band on stage with just about every instrument known to man, lead vocalist and also acoustic guitarist Stan Gratkowski, comes out onto the stage ready to take on the night and does he what. But without the whole band, he wouldn’t be who he is and it wouldn’t be the fantastic performance that we saw tonight. Sounding so similar to the original Pink Floyd, I am pleasantly surprised that really it doesn’t sound too different and get comfortable to listen for the rest of the evening.

Lighting, smoke machine, the crowd getting right into it, The Pink Floyd Experience have as expected everything that you could think of to make sure it lives up to the hype. Hanging front and centre on stage, is a round canvas to which film and visuals are displayed right throughout the night to help enhance just how theatrical the performance is.

Heading right into the evening now, there are people standing and dancing along to the music. Not one person in the entire band has missed a beat, faulted in vocals, or even with all props on stage, fallen over. I can feel all music just humming right through me as they continue to play.

With a short intermission, we head into a more upbeat part of the evening. Opening with 3 members of the band walking down from the side of the audience dressed in the “The Wall” featured army costumes, to fit with the song “In the Flesh”, I can feel that we are now coming into something much more theatrical and epic for better use of the word. With the stage completely kitted out in theme and videos to match, the soldiers are slowing but surely building part of the wall on stage to fit with the evening and songs they are performing.

I feel I need to take a moment here to acknowledge not only the musical talent, but the acting that goes into performing tonight’s show. It’s a full-blown drama and I can feel every bit of emotion that goes into each song. Not just the music and performing, but each facial expression or each slow purposeful movement about the stage.

With the actual wall being built right in front of us, Glen makes a great dramatization of The Thin Ice. It’s full of so much energy, but this is played so well with the rest of the entire band that it’s a magical moment for me. Literally seeing one of the most iconic Pink Floyd albums in the flesh. Wow.

Alas, this show as much as I would love for it to go on, must come to an end and the wall is almost complete.

But how can I accept this? Because they will keep playing that’s how. And of course, the Wall just wouldn’t be the same with out Another Brick In the Wall, right? With such great vocals from Stan, and amazing guitar skills from Darren (Daz) Whittaker, I am now almost happy to bid farewell knowing they have performed one of their biggest productions yet.

Amazing lighting and laser effects, not to mention the massive sparkler fire display, our wall is now finally complete. With an amazing rendition of The Trial, quite fitting really, we watch as not only does a trial come to play, but its has been made judgement that ‘Down comes the wall!” and to my superb amazement, the wall is demolished right in front of our eyes! Wow what a way to have it come down.

To serenade the evening off to a great finish, acoustically Wish You Were Here is then performed. I am beyond filled with so many emotions just watching this all unfold before me tonight. That was certainly something out of this world. Thank you so much The Pink Floyd Experience, as you delivered everting you certainly promised.

Until next time.

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