The Iron Maidens – Live @ San Fran Bath House, Wellington 2018

The Iron Maidens – Live @ San Fran Bath House, Wellington 2018

The Iron Maidens were feeling the chill of a freezing Wellington night but bought the heat to San Fran Bath House packing out the local venue to crowds of middle age men looking for a glimpse of the all-female band – a surefire novelty in the heavy metal scene.


The world’s only female tribute band to the English patrons of heavy metal Iron Maiden looked promising for a great night with local underground rockers Hault opening with an un-stereotypical psychedelic spin on heavy rock. Their love for music and metal glaringly obvious with carefully crafted musicianship and structured set list to warm the crowd up ready to peak for the big event.

Clad in leather and glammed up the ladies had the crowd psyched before they even appeared, with drummer Linda McDonald creating a roar taking to the stage first and keeping that buzz for the whole gig, owning the drums with tenacity and spunk, backing up vocals like a total hammer.

These Los Angeles ladies know their stuff, with a stage show mirroring the theatrics you would expect at a stadium filled Iron Maiden gig. Not your standard covers band, not only killing it on the live instruments but the use of backing tracks and synth patches were on point! Couple that with the creepy props, stage costumes and an ambience of fog, smoke and shooting arrows, these ladies blew it up. Literally.

Kirsten Rosenberg’s larger than life personality and full metal goddess self-shines through in her show-stopping lead performance, powerful vocals and candid crowd interactions. Taking the audience by storm from their opening track with the full American dream experience before winning the hearts of the kiwi fans in “The Tropper” donning a giant New Zealand flag, the crowd went crazy thrashing out, bouncing off the wooden floors and terrorising the neighbours.

Bassist Wanda Ortiz made it look easy, casually dropping her basslines with ease and finesse making way for both Courtney Cox and Nikki Stringfield to let loose on respective guitar soloists. Rocking out harder than most capable males could, Stringfield dominated her pink guitar with complicated rifts, quick finger work and thrashing blonde hair.

Finishing on the anthem that is ‘Iron Maiden’ after a solid ninety minutes this was nothing short of an authentic experience. These jaw-dropping Queens are a force to be reckoned with.


Love Dave’s awesome photos?  See the complete archive from the night in hi-rez, along with cool shots of supporting bands Leathur Tattoo and Forsaken Age over on our Photo Archive page.

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