UVI SubCulture – Double-Edged Knife

UVI Subculture

$39 USD

Original review February 2018

Bottom Line:
As an EDM producer this is most likely right up your alley, but from my point of view as a more traditional orchestral producer, this was a real surprise. Not only did I love the basic sound of SubCulture, but the simple to experiment interface is perfect for my compositions

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UVI Vintage Vault 2 – Retro Rocket

UVI Vintage Vault 2

Original review posted September, 2017

Bottom Line:
The Vintage Vault series has been expanded, updated and but still remains excellent value, and if the trend continues to introduce more titles to the line the future looks bright for synthoholics like me. UVI are proving themselves time and again as a worthy competition to the venerable Kontakt line, and with their generous licensing, extensive product range and straightforward workflow the UVI Engine platform looks to be the most exciting contender for No1 spot on the market right now

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Spitfire Audio BT Phobos – Into the Deep End

Spitfire Audio BT Phobos

Original review November 2017

Bottom Line
In a rather crowded section of the market, BT Phobo certainly stands out for its quirkiness, yes – but with the quality of the samples, unique and creative approach with convolution morphing, nothing else delivers the same evolving and immersive soundscapes. Spitfire Audio are also showing they are willing to take risks and not rest on their laurels, which is really exciting and can only lead to more innovative products like Phobos. Awesome stuff

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