Steve Adler – live @ The Powerstation, Auckland 2018

Steve Adler – live @ The Powerstation, Auckland 2018

The gods of rock were kind to give the Powerstation a chance to relive some classics with the Guns’n’Roses drummer Steven Alder and his posse of talent Adler’s Appetite.


The event itself was a unique experience. Broken into two parts, the first part was a Q & A session with Adler and his mother Deanna. The second half, the complete works of Guns’n’Roses album “Appetite to Destruction” performed live. Bliss.

Radio station “The Rock” hosts the Q & A. Radio DJ Bryce Casey shares a warning given by Deanna; he is going to lose control of the Q & A from the get-go. Steven provides lots of profane language that would get any other son a mouthful of soap.

There are some questions that provide some appropriate language.

Bryce: ‘what’s it like being a mother of Steven Adler especially at the time Appetite for Destruction came out?’

Deanna: ‘Terrible. That’s the truth’.



In 2012 Deanna Adler produced the book ‘How I lost my son to Guns’n’Roses’. At their peak, Guns’n’Roses had it all. However, the toll of being a rock star had a negative impact on Steven and the ones close to him. The book offers a glimpse into her world through the many letters, diary entries and articles she kept over the years.

The five-piece band come out with a bang. Adler’s Appetite has been around since 2005 with a few changes over the years. Adler creates this classic sound with Constantine Maroulis (vocals), Michael Thomas (lead guitar), Carl Restivo (rhythm guitar), and Sean McNabb (bass).

They get straight into it with album hit “Reckless Life”. The crowd rip into the start of what is going to be a great night. Maroulis knows how to woo a crowd. Say the name of the city you’re playing in and dis Australia. Nice.

Theres’s a lot of old t-shirts showing their devotion to the band. However, there is a guy who misread the memo and is wearing a shirt from Metallica. But the thought is there. Actually no, there is another guy in cowboy boots, very low jeans and green bandana hanging from his pocket. He has definitely misread the memo.

I like the vibe from the crowd. They’re mainly a bit older. This shows their passion for Adler. He comes from a band that has lasted through the ages. And you see that through the younger ones around who were clearly brought up on his music through their parents.

There is head bopping, rock and roll hand gestures and older guys asking us to take photos of their group. It’s a real whale of a time.

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