Iconic NZ band SPACE WALTZ has returned at last! The remastered and reissued classic debut album SPACE WALTZ landed at Number 1 in the NZ album charts last week, and their brand new brilliant album VICTORY entered at Number 7.

The new focus track ’HARD WORK’ emanates from the album and is directed by London-based film-maker Marc Swadel (Peter Gabriel, Jonathan Bree, The Datsuns)

Alastair Riddell penned the song, and he states, ”The song is essentially a reflection of life with its strands of darkness and light, joy and despair, and all the shades in between. I’d been invited to a party and was wondering why I was finding it so difficult to unwind and join in the revelry. Everybody else seemed to be having a great time, relaxed and untroubled in their lives. I tried to share my thoughts with a couple of friends, but realised I’d only be adding to their own woes…I became acutely aware of the struggles many people face in life. I remember reflecting that life was for so many, a lot of ‘HARD WORK’.”

The ‘HARD WORK’ video was filmed at Karekare, west of Auckland. Riddell explains, “The official video is filmmaker Marc Swadel’s own interpretation of the song. A young boy is struggling with the pressure and intensity of his parents’ beliefs, which they bring to bear on him unrelentingly. He manages to escape and find peace, but unexpectedly he finds himself forced back into the adult world: Thoughts and ideas are a powerful force in the development of the human psyche”.

VICTORY is produced and mixed by keyboardist Eddie Rayner (Split Enz, Crowded House), who is one of the three original SPACE WALTZ members alongside bassist Peter Cuddihy. Eddie is responsible for the pristine production that gives ‘HARD WORK’ its warmth, dynamic and vitality, morphing seamlessly from ballad to soaring anthemic rock.

Later in 2023, the band will be touring “An Evening with Space Waltz”, four intimate shows comprising songs from both albums (including the iconic ‘Out On The Street’), with the guys relating stories from their extraordinary time in showbiz, and reflecting on their place as a unique cultural touchstone of NZ musical history.

Friday 29 Sept, Meow Wellington.
Saturday 30 Sept, Tuning Fork Auckland
Friday 27 Oct, The Meteor Hamilton
Saturday 28 Oct, Waitara T&C Club New Plymouth

For more information + tickets: officialspacewaltz.com


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