Slash – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2019

Slash – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2019

Spark Arena is vibing tonight as we wait patiently for local kiwi band Devilskin to rock the stage, opening for Slash ft Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.  Ambient blue lighting illuminates the excited fans all trying to get the best vantage point for what is about to go down tonight.

Walking onto the big stage to set a tone for the night, Devilskin launch with their first song ‘Vessel’ and immediately pull the crowd in. Vocalist Jenny Skulander commands the stage with just the right amount of attitude and sass as the lads Paul, Nail and Nic rock off in the backline.

Without dropping a beat, they head right into ‘Start a Revolution’ with all the energy and hype we have come to expect from the Hamilton natives, working the crowd and amping everyone up.

Jenny nails a mesmerising solo performance of ‘Pray’, then onwards to continue through some of the bands classic material. This night is really going off with everyone dancing, moshing and singing along to all of their favourites.

Finishing off their set with ‘Violation’, it’s the perfect rock song to set the mood for the headline act. With a short interval the anticipation is building and we’re ready to rock n roll.

Opening with ‘Call of the Wild’, Myles Kennedy sounds absolutely superb, with Slash adorning his iconic black top hat and black shades, every bit the rock legend.

Straight into ‘Halo’, they don’t falter one bit. The audience is rocking, clapping and dancing with each song they play, always wanting more. ‘Standing in the Sun’ rewards the fans with a fisrt-rate guitar solo from Slash – ladies and gents this is why we are here. Words are difficult to describe the experience of watching a true rock legend at full noise, but there is no doubt this is going to be an unforgettable evening.

With Miles Kennedy being every bit the rock God with the black singlet and black Jean ensemble, he’s hitting it off with the fans, no doubt. Brent, Todd and Frank make up the backline for the Conspirators, all looking the part and sound incredible, adding to the total rockstar package.

They take time to thank every one of us for having them and look to be truly enjoying themselves up there.

Taking a moment to slow it down with an intimate crowd, Myles has an amazing tone, you can easily relax and chill out all night being serenaded by that voice. You could really feel the emotion in his voice, equally supported by great musicianship from the band and Slash.

Picking things up a bit again cracking into ‘My Antidote’, the night is really heating up now. Slash plays the most amazing 10-minute guitar solo – the man is a rock legend!

Myles takes time to introduces the team so we know who they are and starts thanking them and the awesome support band Devilskin for playing tonight.

Does it ever have to end?

All the classic songs were played tonight, along with a couple of my personal favourites ‘Driving Rain’ and ‘Nighttrain’. It cannot get any better than this.

After some final words and thanks to the New Zealand fans the night appears to be done, or is it? Encore anyone??

And just like that, back on stage ready to go with the same amount of energy as if they never set foot up there only moments ago, straight into ‘Shadow of Life’, the crowd errupt and it almost feels like the arena is going to burst at its seams.

But alas! All great things must come to an end and just like that, they play their final song ‘Anastasia’ with every one of the band delivering an amazing performance. Myles ditching the mike for a guitar to jams out and cap the night.

Taking their final bows, they are finished, fin, the end, done and dusted. You are all sincerely the best musicians, thanks for a great night.

Don’t ever stop rocking!

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