Silence The City – RESILIENCE’ Debut album

Silence The City – RESILIENCE’ Debut album

RESILIENCE is a start to finish, balls to the wall rock album. Recorded at Studio 509 in Kingsland, Auckland with mixing engineer and co-producer Rich Bryan, and mastered by Howard Rogers at Bring It On Studios, the result is a well polished, dynamic studio album.


It hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Silence The City – the recording process for RESILIENCE was a labour of love. There was sufficient content for an album in December 2016, however when the shape of it came together, the boys felt the project was fragmented, and to do the songs justice they would need to start fresh.


Frontman Justin Pitt speaks on this “We worked really hard on the tracks individually, and didn’t think too much about the album being a whole piece of work. When we put all the songs that we’d recorded at different times together, it just didn’t feel right. We wanted to make sure the album had a vibe, and felt whole”.


The name of the album RESILIENCE is taken from both the lyrical themes of overcoming obstacles, and learning from experiences, and also from the various hardships faced while being in a band, and staying true to a project that you know is worthwhile – even when it can be frustrating.


New life has been breathed into previously released singles ‘Brave’ and ‘Identity’, with both tracks being re-recorded completely, bringing them up to the standard of the other ten tracks on the album.


Silence The City have endured, and the resulting album shows the awesome value of persevering, and truly being resilient.


RESILIENCE is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Google Play, and will be available on all digital platforms on Friday 3rd November 2017. Pre-orders from iTunes will receive an instant download of two tracks, ‘Ruins’ and ‘Go It Alone’.

Silence The City

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