Music Nation TV Show Information

Music Nation TV Show Information

Hello fabulous people!

Thanks for making time to visit us at Music Nation, we’re excited to meet you.

Here is the basic show information for your scheduled visit. Please make contact if you need help or need to delay or reschedule your spot.

Initial Contact:

Jacko Andrews (Producer) – (021) 482-441
Teresa Michels (Presenter) – (021) 439-654


Music Nation TV studio location:

Level 1, 32 Claudelands Road
Hamilton East
(Directly above the Hamilton Cossy Club and across the road from the Claudelands Arena.)

There is tons of free parking and please feel free to unload gear in the covered dock outside the main door, but do not leave cars there for longer than necessary.  Come in the main doors and head up the stairs just past the reception and down the hall.

Your spot is scheduled from 6pm on Thursday, though shooting might not start for an hour or so after this depending on setups. The show usually takes about 1-1/2-hours to shoot, including your performance. Please try to be at the studio somewhere between 5:30 and 6 if you can to unload gear and setup.

There are full bar and diner facilities in the main Cossy Club area that opens at 5pm, it’s pretty good and cheap food.

Band numbers and guests

Our studio can cater to only a limited number of people. The interview area can hold around 5 people and the performance area up to 8.

We have guest seating for an extra 2-3 people and we encourage you to bring friends, family and management who are all welcome to film and take photos.

We are not a ‘quite on set’ studio, so guests should be prepared to interact during shooting and get up and dance during your performance.

We have a bar and kitchen area in the studio you can use, plus you are very welcome to bring drinks. Of course, no smoking inside sorry.

Tech Description

In our interview zone you will be fitted with either lapel or handheld mics, depending on your group size.

The live performance zone includes:

  • Either twin floor wedge foldback speakers or 4 x ‘Hearback’ personal mixer units for headphones or in-ears, each with 6 mono and a stereo mix send you can customise as required. The system allows for a total of 8 headphone/in-ear mixes
  • 4 x AKG K76 headphones (average quality, bring your own if you prefer)
  • 6 mono DI’s
  • 4 x Shure Beta58 and 4 x SM57 mics
  • 4 x CAD C195 condenser mics
  • Shure Beta 91a boundary mic
  • 16 send/8 return digital snake
  • PreSonus StudioLive 32sx desk

Backing Tracks

Backing tracks must be supplied before the show via email or on USB sticks only (WAV or MP3). It is extremely annoying to run music from cell phones or other devices. We do not have a CD or DVD player, sorry.

Musical Instruments

Since there is a small flight of stairs leading up to our studio we highly recommend you bring only easily carried instruments – leave the 9-foot grand piano for another day.

We have a small selection of instruments available, though not all are kept at the studio. Please let us know if you’d like them made available.

  • Washburn Acoustic/Electric guitar
  • Ibanez Artcore 335 style electric guitar
  • Yamaha MOTIF ES8 88-note keyboard
  • Roland Jupiter-80 synth
  • Steinberger 4 string electric bass
  • Marshall 1960 quad with JetCity 50w head
  • Hartke 4×10 bass cab with 250w head

Wardrobe and makeup

Our studio is quite small but it does include a hair and makeup area. Changing rooms are in the restrooms down the hall (quite large and clean).

Our presenter, Teresa, is pretty good with hair and makeup and is happy to help you with the basics using our limited supplies (hair spray and basic makeup). If you require professional hair and makeup we can arrange this for you, though a fee will be applicable between you and our makeup artist.

We have a very small wardrobe/props department, so if you need anything specific let us know in advnace.

What to expect during your spot

We usually offer one of two interview styles: Either a short 5-10minute interview on the couch with a song performance or a double song performance with a quick chat in between songs on stage.

Our primary focus will be your current projects, tours or achievements. We have a strong interest in getting information other bands might find helpful in their situations, so we will often talk about processes and inspiration.

Things we love to talk about include:

  • The story behind your project, how it was inspired and how you funded, planned and completed it.
  • Challenges you’ve experienced and how you overcame them.
  • Future plans, goals and dreams

We highly recommend you forward a brief about your band before the show and include topics you would like to focus on.

Yikes, cameras freak me out!

Yes, we know. We hate them too. But we will do our best to make you feel at home and relax in the studio.

Please feel free to bring art and objects that express your creativity or help you feel more comfortable.

We do not shoot live to air, so don’t worry about making mistakes or looking foolish. If something goes wrong we can do it again.

If you’re nervous about being interviewed, opt for just a performance. You don’t even need to speak if you don’t want to. Remember its not live, so anything goofy or awkward can be fixed.

What should we perform?

We encourage all forms or music and performance styles – seriously, nothing is too ‘weird’ for us.

We are somewhat limited by space in our studio. We highly recommend you tailor your performance towards an ‘unplugged’ style, or reduce the scale as much as possible. Backing tracks are great as we can control the levels, but real live musicians are always the best.

He highly recommend you prepare 2 songs for performance, even if you’re only scheduled for 1. It works best to perform the song we are focusing on during the interview, but don’t be afraid to try an unreleased track or something a bit more experiemental.

Final show and copies

Your feature will be aired the following week, usually on a Monday night around 8pm. We will not have time to forward a preview, though a full-resolution copy of the show is available for you to download with your performance as a separate file (on request).

We post to our main site, Vimeo and Facebook. We would apprechiate you help share and promote your show, as ultimately it helps us spread the word about all great Kiwi bands.

***Please note: We do not keep raw footage of our shows for long. Once we have finished shooting most of the video and audio is deleted within a few weeks. Please let us know quickly if you want specific footage or audio before its too late.***

Final note on copyrights

You will be required to sign a Music License Agreement before you can perform on our show. This is for us to present as proof you allow us to use your music on the show, and protect us should the copyright of your music be questioned (often by YouTube).

If you are represented by a third-party agency you must contact them asap to let them know you intend on using the music for Internet broadcast.

Please note: under no circumstances can you perform copyrighted material you do not have clearance to use, this includes samples in your music or covers.

Thanks for being part of our show, if you have any questions please contact us via email