Shania Twain – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2018

Shania Twain – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2018

For the first time ever performing, Shania Twain has finally made her way here, and what a way to cap off 2018 in style. The queen of country-pop came out all guns blazing with her feel-good track, Life’s About To Get Good.


The crowd are already up-standing as she makes her way from the back of the room to the stage, hi-fiving everyone as she walks past. Wearing a black long sparkly dress with a huge split up the side she looks ready for a great night.

Floating and moveable cubes are set across the stage with amazing visuals, making for a bright and colourful effect.

Taking just a short moment to explain her tour and how she came to New Zealand many years ago to escape, an outlet where she could get away from being Shania Twain. Touching stories explaining certain times in her life when she was very angry and hurt, and how the related to some of the more poignant songs in her career. 

Heading into a selection of newer songs, she is on top a cube high up in the arena performing and she looks every bit at ease with a huge smile on her face. Shania is no doubt a consummate professional, with a spirited stage performance, giving everything to the audience.

We are entertained briefly by the incredible backing band as Shania makes another or many costume changes, returning this time in her signature sassy leopard print, and, of course, strutting the smash hit That Don’t Impress Me Much, much to the crowd’s delight.

This is a country pop party at its finest.

With incredible energy, and from her whole entourage of dancers and musicians, not a person skips a beat. All the radio hits are knocked out one-by-one, all to rapturous glee of the fans.

Shania certainly has a real way with people, especially those spotted with her “love cam” on the big screen. Bringing the mood down as she plays the guitar for a bit of nostalgic You’re Still The One.

There is a fantastic mood in the stadium, helped along by thousands of cellphone lights. She reminds us the tune is 21-years old now, but proof classic songs are timeless.

Shania laments her final 2 shows and is unsure when she will tour again. It is obvious she is making the most of her time on stage with us tonight, taking moments to chat with fans, take selfies and even a moment to chat on teh phone with a fans husband, surely to his disbelief.

The night starts to draw to an end and just like that the final, and for me the most icon song; Man I Feel like A Women is performed in all its glory.

Shania Twain certainly gave it all with this spectacular performance. What a fanatic way to end the night.

Thank you, it was absolutely worth the wait.

Last chance to see Shania Twain is this Saturday, live @ Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin. Grab your tickets quick from Ticketmaster

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