Seether – Live @ The Auckland Town Hall 2018

Seether – Live @ The Auckland Town Hall 2018

Walking up to the venue in the cool night air, there is already security on the front door to the Seether gig shuffling people out due to drunkness. This is going to be a fun fill interesting night for sure.


Auckland City Hall is completely packed, while I push my way to the front to get a great view for opening act Skinny Hobos, followed by the night’s main event, Seether. People from all walks of life, including some kids, are here ready to rock on out like the rest of us as Skinny Hobos come out on stage in full force.

“Auckland, are you ready to rock tonight? Thanks for being here and having us, now let’s get this part started!” And just like that they start jamming out. With a very dramatic light setting with the moody blue lighting and the hypnotic red, it is making for an epic opening show.

While Sam “Texas” the creative drummer sets the scene for vocalist Alex “Elvis” to get the crowd pumping, everyone is responding and there are already mini mosh pits everywhere! To my left, to my right and literally down in front. If this is what it’s like now, just wait until Seether hits the stage.

Performing their radio hits, including one of my favourites “The Merchant of Tirau” they put on a fantastic show.

Halfway through, and in typical Texas style, off comes the jacket with him only wearing his famous ‘tie only’ top half while rocking out. Elvis looking just as legendary with his bandana looking every part the rock star.

Half an hour later, and 7 songs in, sadly they have come to the end of their show. But they woke us all up from our frozen stature states due to the cold, and everyone was more than amping for Seether to now come on out.

Thanks Hobo’s, you guys rock!


With a short intermission, the lights go dim, everyone screams as Seether makes their way on stage. Looking every bit as if they haven’t aged or perhaps changed their fashion since the late 90’s, they certainly have a massive fan base.

As soon as they started fans were pushing to the front, screaming all just to try and get a better view. It was certainly going to be every bit of a wild night.

While the lighting had some great deep dark effects, which suits them to a perfect t, their vocals were perhaps a little too quiet? However if you are every bit the fan, you already know all of the words and you sing along to the tune that you can easily hear anyways.

Performing “Words as Weapons” really got the whole place on form! Tops are coming off and being thrown around the place, people are jumping, dancing and moving to the beat of the song. All in great spirits and having an epic time of their lives, they were certainly making the night more enjoyable.

Lead vocalist Shaun Morgan was up front and intense. With the backdrop of the room a huge massive pipe organ, it really gave a dramatic effect and truly made the show feel that much darker and mysterious.

While he takes a short water break, percussionist John Humphrey keeps the crowd entertained while he smashes it out keeping a solid beat. He was quite entertaining to watch.

Back into it, no mucking around, singing another popular hit “Fake It” again with the dark orange and dark red lighting adding to the feel of the emotion in the song.

As they close out for the night, thanking us for being there, no one wanted them to leave. Chanting “Seether, Seether, Seether” however the night was completed and it was time for all of us to go out and brave the cold yet again to make the trip home. Everyone was in a very excitable state, thanks Seether for making it a great Thursday night out.


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