RACING have arrived

RACING have arrived

I’m sure some of you will remember the heart breaking split of one of New Zealand’s favourite kiwi rock bands, The Checks. Well you no longer need to wallow in the depths of despair, as former Checks members Edward Knowles and Sven Pettersen also joined by Space Creeps, Izaac Houston, and Sherpa‘s, Daniel Barrett, are back, bigger and better than ever with a brand-spanking new rock and roll band named RACING, who I’d love to bring to your attention.

As equally as punishing as it is liberating, their sound is otherworldly and mind bending. With rhythms that chant and melodies that hover, “Racing take the ultimate rock n roll sound ‘we all love’ in a completely new direction, creating something that is entirely unique and their own.” Their sound could also be described as hypnotic, groove based, rock and roll with a touch of English big beat, but I’ll leave you to come up with your own description, after you listen to their fantastic debut release, which came in the form of a single titled, ‘Carnivalize,’ which for your information was only released to the world just yesterday!

A song about transforming into a heightened version of yourself, I assure you it will blow your mind and make your heart race from start to finish (pun definitely intended). With an introduction that is simply a fast descending guitar slide, your attention is captured immediately as the raw and pure grittiness of the dirty rock instrumentation and echoey vocals which soon transpire, succeed in holding your attention for the remainder of the energetic track. The repetitive rhythmic guitar riff, and vocals that occur throughout the chorus prove to be the hypnotic musical element to the song, as you are bound to find yourself humming the tune at all crazy times of the day.

If you’re getting excited thinking The Checks have reformed, or come back with a different name however, don’t jump to any conclusions. RACING is definitely a different band, but not in a bad way- that’s for sure, and with a debut release such as this, which is definitely worthy of 5/5 stars, I’d definitely continue watching these guys closely, which  you can do via their social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, and if you’re a fan of their music like me, stay tuned to their Sound Cloud and YouTube accounts also, for more RACING music that you can blast through your speakers at full volume- because tip 101 (that’s the best way to listen to them).

On a final note, these rockers also have some shows lined up for the summer, so if you’re keen to see them live, log these dates into your calendar now, because I don’t doubt that they sure know how to throw a good party!!

Thu Nov 6 – Golden Dawn, Auckland
Thu Nov 13 – Meow, Wellington (Meow tickets)
Fri Nov 14 – The Cabana, Napier (Cabana tickets)
Fri  Nov 21 – Sawmill Cafe, Leigh (Leigh tickets)
Fri Nov 28 – Cassette Number Nine, Auckland
Sat Dec 13 – The Mayfair, New Plymouth (Mayfair tickets)
Wed Dec 17 – Kings Arms, Auckland

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