Post Malone – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2019

Post Malone – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2019

Return hip-hop, R’n’B and a bit of rock thrown in the mix artist, Post Malone aka Austin Richard Post, performs back in New Zealand to a sold-out Spark Arena concert. What a way to come back and show us kiwis how’s it’s done.


With people of all ages, kids, teens, to young and middle-aged adults, Post Malone has a very crowded and very excited audience ready to hear him perform live on stage.

As we all await anxiously, down comes a long black square box which sits on top of his stage that morphs right through the middle of the audience so everyone around him can get a glimpse of the singer/songwriter.

And just like that, the large now ice smoke-filled box lifts up off the stage slowly to reveal bright lights, smoke and a very excited Post Malone walking out to start this night off with a bang. Quite literally, as fireworks pop off in multi colors, pyrotechnics and running lights on the stage. He certainly knows how to make a very creative and noticeable entrance.

With his opening song “too Young” there is not one person here tonight who isn’t bumping up and down to the beat, singing every single words of his song while the bass and beat drop. It goes straight through not just your entire body, but through into your whole soul.

After an impressive start to the night, Post Malone thanks us for having him rock out tonight. He also gives us all a heads up and apologies that while he isn’t feeling the very best, he encourages us all to sing along with him and make it 100% better. However, if this is how amazing he sounds when he’s feeling a little off, I can only imagine how epic he sounds when running on a full tank!

As we head off into a roller coaster of laser lights, fantastic pyrotechnics and all-round great music that you can move your body to, the crowd also start feeling the rhythm and gets into it with a thick cloud of a certain smell hanging in the air making everyone super chilled enjoying his music.

Right in the middle of performing, Post Malone gets so involved that he takes a stumble so at the end of his next song, has to take a small moment to compose himself, asking for a chair and do we all mind if he sits for a song or 2 as he quite literally just fucked up his ankle.

Also asking the crowd does anyone have a spare shoe for him. No more than two seconds later a shoe is thrown on stage for him! Everyone loves this, laughing and woohooing him on. So, in good old Post Malone fashion, fills said shoe with a drink, cheers to us and chugs it back! “Something to help numb the pain” he explains. Legend.

Taking a moment here to just slow it down, and take a slight direction change, he is given his guitar which he then performs “Stay” while having his ankle ice sprayed. You can really see him portray and feel his music. Not just in the way he looks while performing, but you can almost see it right through into his soul as he sings. Its quite spectacular and makes everyone feel the same way.

Back into it again, and “fuck this chair bullshit, I’ma walk” it’s taken off stage and I would call it more of a limp than a walk, but he gets back up and still pulls of an energetic performance. “White Iversion” has everyone excited.

And before we know it, the Spider-man intro song “Sunflower” is right up next and quite literally has everyone on their feet. I have never seen the audience moving and swaying all in the same direction with one another before, it was quite mesmerizing to watch.

With his rock-start attitude, picks up his guitar and in one great big swoop, smashes it on the floor like its nothing to him. Goes on to then explain, “Don’t let no one tell you no. I’m living proof shit can be done. Don’t let them tell you that you can’t live your dreams, can’t live your life. You do what the fuck you want, when you want. Full stop.” And with that rocks out my favorite song, “Rockstar”.

The laser beams were off the hook, going in all directions, multiple colors, more smoke up in the air, running stage lights, bang of more fireworks, more pyrotechnics. You can feel the heat off not just the fire, but off Post Malone and the heat off the audience as we all soak up his amazing talent.

Post Malone, you are quite literally the man. Thanks for a fantastic night. Come back soon.

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