Pink – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2018

Pink – Live @ Spark Arena, Auckland 2018

With the first of 6 record-breaking sold-out Spark Arena shows, and back after 10 years, tonight’s performance “Beautiful Trauma” with a heart-shaped stage and a massive fan following, this is going to be an epic night.


Opening act The Rubens did a top job of getting the party started. The five-person group have such a fanatic vocal sound, with a little bit of hipster mixed with modern rock, they certainly know how to keep everyone entertained.

As the arena fills up, it’s such a spectacular sight with the heart-shaped stage surround by people on all angles. Tonight is off to a great start. What will the rest of the night bring? One can only wonder with wire hanging from the ceiling. Pink wigs, pink lipstick, pink makeup, the typical pink hairstyle and of course all the pink outfits you could find I am indeed not mistaken about who I am here to see tonight.

DJ Kidcutup kept everyone rocking between sets playing all hit classics from the Fresh Prince of Belair right through to Slice Of Heaven; it’s a fantastic party. Every single person is already having a fantastic time; I can’t help wondering how much better can it get?

With the intermission over the show finally starts – and what a cracker of a start!

Hanging from the ceiling on a beautiful pink and silver chandelier, upside down and all over the place, Pink kicks straight into Get This Party Started – which is exactly what was happening at Spark Arena tonight!

Glitter, lights, sparkles, costumes and more – Pink has no limitations. Walking on a moving floor just to touch hands with the audience so she can really interact, it’s just the perfect kind of show

All the FX making the perfect stage scenery as well as all the props, I am in awe. Singing all her classics the whole place is singing along with her word for word and loving every single minute of it. With some of the characters coming to life from the excellent little background movie “The Revenge Land”, this all makes for an incredible show.

Up next with Fun House she is still so full of energy and no sign of slowing down. Sliding down the small platforms on stage jumping straight up continuing to sing. Taking a moment to introduce and recognise her amazing band, she really is the humble women we all know and love her to be. Finishing off with a small firework display, this is epic!

Now she dives on in again, doing a cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, this is the all-around amazing night we all were hoping for. She pulls it off as if it’s her own song and hits every single note on point. I’m more in love with her than ever!

After a fantastic, high energy performance so far she slows the music down for the most intense dancing I’ve ever seen. Words cannot describe the performance as she hangs off another amazingly strong person in mid-air, no safety nets or ropes, just pure strength as she artistically performs the whole song above our heads.


Every song she performs is really just that. The most amazing show that you’ll ever see. She is truly an amazing artist, dancer, vocalist, and to some female inspiration.

Pyrotechnics throughout the whole night there is nothing she hasn’t done. From floating on beds in the air, to fighting for a better life, to Glitz and glamour, this is an entirely an unforgettable night.

Moving the band right to the very front of the stage, she takes another small moment to say happy birthday to Mark, the drummer, the whole audience sang to him which pink loved! She has already decided we are much friendlier than the Canadians and we also have the best beer!

You are most welcome to come and have a drink with me anytime.

With an unbelievable performance of a true rock star, she spends the entire song up in the air swinging all around the arena rocking out in true pink style. Not a single person is seated while we all reach to try and grab her for that small moment of oh my god I touched pink! Only she is just out of our reach as she swings, or rather flies past with a huge smile on her face while singing.

The night is almost over, almost time to say a sad goodbye. And with a beautiful send off she sings her final song, runs to the end of the stage where her daughter is waiting, and off they go into the night.

A fantastic night with an incredible performer. What a show!

Tickets for the remaining shows on September 5, 7, 8, 10 and 11 are available in very limited quantities. Visit Live Nation for full details.

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