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Welcome to Music Nation TV – a vibrant online music show for Kiwis making more music!

Music Nation TV Studios are located in sunny Hamilton, slightly over an hour sound of Auckland. Our artsy city is full of great ??? andmakes for a great day trip or stay over.

Touring bands can take advantage of the cities active music fan base with a number of great music venues, from small intimate stages through to the huge Claudelands Arena, located right next door to our studio.

What Can Music Nation TV Offer?

Music Nation TV is a weekly video series music chat show focusing on promoting our core phrase “Make More Music”.

Our show champions local and international artists performing or creating music here and around the globe with a definite Kiwi connection. This connection could be strong, such as a 100% local home grown act, or an international act toruing to our shores.

If its music played in New Zealand, or New Zealanders playing music overseas – we are interested.

Secondly, we are a live music streaming venue for bands looking to offer a flexible and highly monitisable asset to their catelog.

We offer a large performance space for staging events for upto 300 people, with full box office and online streaming eCommerce facilities. Our venue is a closed to public, purpose designed space for streaming concerts for pay-per view applications.

Our streaming services is extremely well priced, usually a fraction of the cost of staging a live event, with many options to upscale as required. We offer multiple camera capture, hi-definition audio recording and full staging services.

We highly recommend you consider this fantastic new medium, one we believe is the replacement for the ‘CD’. The monitization opportunties are wide and most live toruing shows can be easily staged and filmed with no compromises to the production.

Our staging and technical crew make inserting a streamed event no more trouble than adding another location in your touring schedule.


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MNTV Schedule

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Music Nation TV Show Information

Music Nation TV Show Information

Hello fabulous people! Thanks for making time to visit us at Music Nation, we're excited to meet you. Here is the basic show information for your scheduled visit. Please make contact if you need help or need to delay or reschedule your spot. Initial Contact: Jacko Andrews (Producer) ...

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