Music Nation Professional Photography

Music Nation Professional Photography

Having a good selection of recent, high quality photos on hand is invaluable to your band. Not only for feeding the relentless social media machine, but your marketing will need a constant supply of fresh images showing your band in the best possible light.

Music Nation have some of the industries top photographers available for hire for one-off project commissions, touring, studio or live photography. And as part of our commitment to supporting Kiwi musicians, Music Nation also aims to support our wonderful contributing photographer crew.

Get incredible live photos at a bargain rate

We are please to offer you a special price for live content photography. This special is available directly to the bands, promotion and management team only, we do not offer photos to the general public for purchase.

The special price is for ‘content photography’, meaning our crew are already at your gig covering your band for Music Nation.

Ordinarily Music Nation only uses a handful of the hundreds of amazing photos shot on the night, the rest are usually deleted. The photos we use on the site have our logo branding and are usually very low resolution.

We can offer you access to the all of photos normally never seen. You can chose 5 photos from the night for only $195, plus $50 for each extra photo.

Your photos will be unbranded, full resolution with full retouching and colour grading included. You also get a full-use lisence to use the images in any context as you need.

The only caveat is Music Nation reserves the right to use a fair selection of branded photos for our normal online operations.

All funds go directly into the photographer pocket to supporting their expenses, travelling costs and help fund their future in the industry.

Check out a random selection of live, studio and on-location shoots Music Nation has done in the past.

Make A Booking

You do not have to specifically book us for photos as we are the covering you show already, but we highly recommend you contact Music Nation before your event to inform us you might wish to purchase images. Our duty photographer can focus on much more creative and candid photos outside the generic shots we generally need for the site reviews.

You can chat with our photographer on the night to arrange any special shots, our crew are always very approachable and keen to work with you.

If you just didn’t know we were going to be there and you’d like to check out the photos, get back to use asap after the gig and we’ll send you the link.

There is no commitment for you to buy if the shots don’t meet your requirements, but theres no harm in looking over the photos before we delete them.

Supporting fellow artists

If you are looking for a professional music photographer for other work such as marketing photos, album shoots and the likes, we have a fantastic crew of photographers to choose from who would love to work with you.

All rates for shoots and commissions are to be negotiated directly with your photographer. Contact us anytime for a list of photographers in your area.

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