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Media Policy

Media Policies

Music Nation Photo Policy

Music Nation love live photos, and so do our readers! We would love to send one of our superstar photographers along to capture your event. Just so we’re all clear as to what we’re doing and what you get, here’s our full photo policy.

What we need:

– Our name on the door guest list under ‘Music Nation Photographer‘ for a single media pass. We will try to give you a photographer’s name, but often schedules change last minute.
– We use flash photography where ever possible, please inform us BEFORE accepting our request if this is a problem.
– Access to shoot at least 3 songs.
– General access to the pit if available.
– Backstage opportunities to photograph the band privately if possible.

What you get

– Full access to all edited, high-resolution images captured with our Music Nation branding. We often only print a fraction of what we shoot due to space limitations. You will have access to our photo server containing all of the shots used and unused on Music Nations website or Facebook.  We link to your website or Facebook page where possible.

What you can’t do

– Remove the branding or modify the images in any way other than re-sizing, or reasonable cropping to suit and application (such as profile photos etc).
– Sell, or instruct to commercially use any images shot by us.

What we do with the photos

– All images are displayed on our website’s ‘Concert Photos’ page. Your photos will feature at the top of the page for a period of time depending on space availability. They will then be archived but still available for viewing indefinitely on our photo server.  Links remain once archived, so you can freely link from there to your Facebook, blog etc.
– Post a feature image on Facebook with links to your Music Nation photo page and the band (if on Facebook).
– Use your photos for future articles on your band if applicable.
– Use your images to promote Music Nation.
– Unless specifically restricted, we allow our photographer to display the image with branding on their website and social media pages.

The fine print

Music Nation have copyright and exclusive use of photos taken for us by our photographers.  Your images are protected and will not be sold to any other publication or outlet without your permission.  Music Nation may use your photos as promotional material for our site.  Your photos may appear on other website we partner with, but will always include branding, links and credits.  We do not sell or print photos.

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