LA-based award-winning Kiwi songwriter, recording engineer and producer Mark Tierney, returns to music with ‘Drowning’, his first single in over 20 years, ahead of the album EXHIBITION.

A founding member of Strawpeople, the multi-platinum ambient pop duo of the 1990s, Mark won the APRA Silver Scroll in 1996 for his song ‘Sweet Disorder’ and also individual awards for Engineer Of The Year, and Producer Of The Year. He produced albums for the likes of The Jean Paul Satre Experience, Headless Chickens, Greg Johnson, S.P.U.D and Matty J among many others. In addition, he directed over 100 NZ music videos for acts as diverse as The Chills, The Exponents, Stellar*, and Suzanne Paul (!).

Tierney has spent the last 20 years away from the music business, moving to follow his other passions of film and TV, based in both London and Los Angeles by working with Lucasfilm, BBC, ITN, CNN, Al Jazeera and many others.

After a long-gestating film project fell apart in April of 2018, he began working with fellow Kiwi singer/songwriter Matt Ruys in Matt’s garage in Santa Monica. The sessions went well, birthing an entire album of material for Matt and re-igniting his love of music all over again.

It was while waiting to complete that album for Matt, that Mark found himself with a few ideas, some free time and a coterie of great musicians at hand.

“Having felt that I was done with music forever, the time felt right to make a true solo album. After being deliberately obscure with Strawpeople, it was very freeing to have something I could put my name to. The sound we created is finding a new audience and it’s very exciting”, enthuses Tierney.

In commenting on the new single ‘Drowning’, Mark says “It makes me smile every time I listen to it…which is so unusual, for me.” A stunning return to form for one of New Zealand music’s luminaries, ‘Drowning’ is best described by Tierney himself:

Watch Mark discuss the inside story on the recording of ‘Drowning’  HERE

The soon to be released album EXHIBITION is the intense, personal result and his first new music in over 22 years. With EXHIBITION, Mark has married together his considerable talents across music, photography and film by delivering a collection of 10 songs with an accompanying photography exhibition and a 30-minute video installation.


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