Levine Lale releases ‘Keep Up’

Crafting deep, emotive future soul, New Zealand-born vocalist and producer Levine Lale is set to release debut single “Keep Up” on 18th May 2018. Lale’s music finds harmony from an upbringing wrought with juxtaposition, blending opposing musical influences and personal experiences.

The son of two church ministers, Lale is from a gospel background. Whilst finding a passion for hip-hop, funk and R&B, the discovery of more contemporary electronic influences through his formative years (Kaytranada, Thundercat, Sam Gelliatry) was the glue that melded these two disparate schools of thought, giving birth to a sound that blends bold percussive elements and intricately structured melodies with an emphasis in rich vocal textures.

His hometown of Dunedin, a quiet University town in the South Island of New Zealand, was by no means an urban melting pot of musical expression.  Lale’s deep knowledge of music resulted in him becoming the go-to student party DJ which lead to drug abuse issues and a struggle with mental health.

Music has allowed him to find his feet again, although darker elements are still lurking within his songs, hovering like ghosts of the past in the shadowy spaces between the notes – his lyrics dealing with both the dark and light shades of his past.

‘Keep Up’ features dreamy keys and stuttered vocals giving way to clipped 808 drums and diaphanous samples, creating a thick haze, allowing Lale’s rich and expressive vocals to power through. Weaving together all elements into a smoky heartbreak jam.

The track is the first single from Lale’s upcoming EP, All In, which will be released in June on 45rpm/Kartel Music Group.

Listen on Spotify and Soundcloud

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