Groove3’s Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado

Groove3’s Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado

New York born, multiple Grammy nominated sound engineer Dave Pensado is possibly one of the most prolific YouTuber’s in the pro audio scene, with this ‘Pensado’s Place’ channel having over 178,000 subscribers for his popular Into The Lair series of studio tips and advice.

Dave has teamed up with online tuition specialists Groove3 to create a series of courses that are straight talking and down to the point, as what is typical of Dave’s familiar YouTube style. Titled ‘Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado‘ the course is aimed at inexperienced engineers looking to increase their chops and learn pro techniques from the master. Dave’s almost fatherly approach is to often refer to bad and incorrect techniques, offering sensible ways to approach issues and micing challenges. The video series being not so much on hands-on lesson, rather a casual one-on-one chat. Dave’s casual conversation style as if you are sitting there with him sipping on a coffee in the studio.

Subjects covered include the rudimentary construction and workings of microphones, recommended placements and some post processing tools to get the most out of your recordings. Other handy tips like how to create a relaxed mood in the studio and get the best performance from your performers is all great advice. There is a full recording session included so you can see first hand how the master works with a vocalist and fellow engineers.

Dave has a very endearing and approachable teaching style that removes apprehension, but at the same times retains a level of respect with his confident, slow pace in a way that you only get from someone with many years of hard-earned experience in the field. With his (very) long list of a-list superstars under his belt like Pink, Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Elton John and Christina Aguilera – he has plenty of street cred to back up his advice.

Primarily aimed at new studio engineers who will gain the most from this series, there is a lot to learn here for even seasoned studio cats. At under $100 you couldn’t even hire Dave for and hour of the time included on the course, let alone watch back over it anytime you like. For a student this is absolutely required watching and should be in the collection of any serious recording studio engineer.  Highly recommended. 

For full details visit the Groove3 website right here

$94.99 for purchase, $2.99 for 72 hour rental, or available for streaming with the Groove3 All Access Pass for $15.00/month.



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