Greta Van Fleet – Live Auckland 2019

Greta Van Fleet – Live Auckland 2019

With a sold-out show, even the rain isn’t stopping anyone from arriving to watch Greta Van Fleet tonight. A well-anticipated delayed tour “March of the Peaceful Army” has finally arrived for this September evening and I cannot wait.


Opening band Golf Alfa Bravo, who have been compared to the likes of Hendrix for their clean reverb guitar tones, they really are setting the tone for tonight’s epic rock night out.

With their first song “Everything is fine”, the bass is so intense the whole building is shaking. I can feel the music going literally right through me. 

Looking every bit the relaxed hippy beachgoers, Golf Alfa Bravo’s music is very groovy and easy to listen to.

Right into their second song “Unwind”, I am really enjoying their relaxed chilled vibe they are putting out. In the middle of the song, their main electric guitarist plays an amazing solo while encouraging the crowd to sing along with him. What an incredible talent he is.

Coming into their third song for the night, it was just an amazing soulful piece by the trio. I could sit and listen to them all night long. It’s literally music for the soul.

Playing their newly released song “Groove Baby Groove”, a more upbeat song that has a sound which almost reminds me of the beach boys due to its groove. What a song. The crowd love it. 

Unfortunately, all too soon their 45 mins were up. Golf Alfa Bravo were something special, thank you Greta Van Fleet, for having these guys open for you. I will now forever listen to their music. And a word to you all, watch out for these guys I reckon they are going to be something big.

With a brief interlude while the stage is reset, we are now at full capacity ready and waiting for Greta Van Fleet to come on out for the rest of the evening.

With the American rock band Greta Van Fleet formed in 2012, we are all set ready and a little impatiently waiting so we can enjoy their amazing music.

Opening with all the flashing lights, bright colours and fantastic vocals, we are in for one hell of an awesome rock night.

With bare feet and very much the vibe of the 70s, I feel like I’ve taken a step back in time and with great pleasure I’m so happy to be here.

Interacting with the crowd to get everyone going, there isn’t a single person who is not clapping, this is just so fantastic to see and with all kinds of people young and old as well. So much hype and energy, with an amazing drummer solo to lead us straight into the next song without missing a single beat.

Feeling every bit the dramatic effect with lights going out completely for a few seconds within their songs and then back with all the bright lights to keep the dramatic effect going. They are certainly leaving us all wanting more.

Performing one of my favourites “When The Curtain Falls”, I am in just awe at how well lead vocalist Josh Kizska, can hold all his notes and with so much ease it’s just like how we breathe. Hitting those high falsettos was just superb, you are truly so talented. 

They take a short moment to thank everyone for being here tonight and for waiting out in the rain and cold, however we are all inside together where it’s nice and warm. 

I have never felt more privileged than I have tonight to be given the opportunity to be able to watch Greta Van Fleet not only perform but perform with such passion that you can see in each of them as they play. Its such a sight and truly never a dull moment. 

With a quick guitar change to an acoustic, they change things up a wee bit and perform an amazing 20-minute song “You’re the One”, where it is mostly just instrumental they never failed to miss a single beat, or drop a single note. It was an amazing mix of music harmonising at its finest with not just instruments, but vocals as well.

With another radio classic, and another I also enjoy, “Highway Tune” it truly has been an epic evening. And sadly, just like that, they rush off stage. Will there be an encore?.

The crowd is chanting, “encore, encore, encore” waiting and hoping they come back again. And of course, in true rocker fashion, they come back out with their final song of the evening “Lover, Leaver” they set the house on rock fire as we all know this is it. Making the most of all their bright lights, pinks, blues, reds, everything and in such epic fashion they perform brilliantly.

I am not ready; I want more but they say their final thank you’s and farewell’s and my rock journey has come to an end. Thank you for sharing your passion and amazing talent with us. I am truly honoured to have been able to listen to you tonight.

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