The Frank Burkitt Band announces new album March 9

Creating a truly genre-spanning album influenced by jazz, blues, folk, swing and all things American Roots, The Frank Burkitt Band is releasing their brand new album Raconteur on March 9th 2018.

Originally from Edinburgh, Frank Burkitt and lifelong partner Kara Filbey swapped a life of late night music and Scottish pubs for our very own Wellington New Zealand in 2014.  After placing an ad for a double bass player on a noticeboard in the NZ School of Music, James Geluk (double bass) answered the call followed swiftly by Cameron Burnell (mandolin, tenor banjo, vocals) and The Frank Burkitt Band was born.

Opening with blues-inspired Work So Hard, Raconteur effortlessly flows from track to track, offering 10 pure danceable folk, blues and roots infused masterpieces.

The album title track is a homage to one of Frank’s musical mentors Martin Boland who sadly passed away this year. Martin ran the session in the Royal Oak in Edinburgh for 30 years and Frank will forever be indebted to him for his encouragement and praise during those early days.

The Gypsy Barber is a foot-tapping ode to a chap in a little old caravan on the side of state highway three in Te Awamutu, where Frank and Cameron had two of the worst haircuts they’ve ever received.

Walkin’ Right is the country-tinged story of Timothy Thomas, a colourful character that Frank met at various UK festivals.  His greeting of ‘Love and Light’ and his adamant claim that his trousers belonged to Jim Morrison always made their encounters highly enjoyable.

Written whilst admiring the native birds in the pine tree outside his house in Wellington, the final track, the a cappella My Heart Waits is Frank’s offering to the long tradition of unaccompanied folk song that inspired him throughout his years in the folk pubs of Edinburgh.

Written by Frank Burkitt and arranged by the band, Raconteur was recorded at the Surgery Studios in Wellington, produced by Gerry Paul and engineered by Lee Prebble.

Raconteur is an album filled with truly wonderful moments indicative of Burkitt’s ability to not only convey profound messages but entertaining anecdotes in his songs.

The Frank Burkitt Band will be showcasing the new album during a nationwide tour soon to be announced.

The Frank Burkitt Band is; Frank Burkitt – Vocals, Guitar – Kara Filbey – Vocals, Flute, Percussion – Cameron Burnell – Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Vocals – James Geluk – Double Bass.

Work So Hard
Breathe Slow
Paint The Town
The Gypsy Barber
Albert Woodfox
Walkin Right
Too Much Noise
My Heart Waits

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