Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Amy Sheppard

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Amy Sheppard

Aussie newcomers Sheppard are literally tearing up the scene right now. We managed to sneak a few questions over to vocalist Amy Sheppard while she was in Auckland recently trying to enjoy a quiet break from the spotlight.


Who are Sheppard’s most influential current band?

We have always been huge Coldplay fans. Not only do they write beautiful music with substance but their live shows are always awe-inspiring.

What Sheppard’s most under-rated track?

Keep Me Crazy’. This is a track from our second album which we released as a single last year. We had high hopes for this song until…Ed Sheeran…
We released the song the same day as he released his album and the poor tune got drowned in his gorgeous love songs. We have a lot of respect for Ed but damn our timing was SO off.

The best gig of 2017?

Wow! This is a tough one. We had such a huge 2017 and were fortunate enough to be the support Justin Beiber for the Australian leg of the “Purpose Tour”. It was a real highlight for us to perform in our hometown of Brisbane because we have always dreamed of performing at Suncorp stadium. After attending so many shows in that stadium, it was a “Pinching ourselves moment” to be the act up on that stage.

What was your last (or current) real-life job?

My last real-life job was working at a makeup store. Makeup has always been a side hobby of mine so I quite enjoyed that job.

What company in the world would you most like to become CEO of?

Google. We went to visit their offices in San Francisco and it seems like one of the coolest environments in the world. Everyone seemed stoked to work there and it’s a very forward-thinking place. I would just like to claim that I was responsible for such a happy and successful company.

Favourite film?

Either ‘Forest Gump’ or anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. Haha, ‘The Revenant’ was pretty spesh.

Best album cover artwork in history?

Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon. It is so iconic. Unmistakable.

What do you do that most likely annoy everyone else in the band?

Sing when I’m not on stage. I can’t help but sing. I guess it can be pretty loud and intrusive when people are trying to have some quiet time and I’m there belting out Whitney Huston (No regrets).

What is the most likely way for a fan to get your autograph?

Ask! I’m pretty easy going if you see me out and about. We also try to do meet and greets at our shows where possible.

If you could play any musical instrument in the world proficiently, what would it be?

The Harp.
So underrated.

What’s that annoying song stuck in your head right now?

“One don’t pick up the phone…something something something cause his drunk and alone”

Wine, whisky or water?

Wine. Sweet sweet wine.

Whats the weirdest thing thrown at you on stage?

A key ring with my own face on it. Just what I’ve always wanted.

You’re in the crowd watching a band, they ask if anyone in the room can come up and fill in, you put your hand up, they point at you. Who is this band?

Fleetwood Mac. Damn, I know every word to every song.

If you could steal credit for any song ever written, what would it be?

Happy Birthday

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