Blue Cat Audio MB-7 – Jack Of All Trades

Blue Cat Audio MB-1

Original review post October, 2017

Bottom Line:
MB-7 looks amazing, feature boat-loads of options plus it opens up many creative possibilities for sound designers and producers. At $129USD it’s a lot for an EQ, but if that’s what you use MB-7 for primarily, you’re missing a trick

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PSP Audioware E27 Equalizer – Crossing the Line

PSP Audioware E27

$149 USD

Original review November, 2017

Bottom Line:
A wonderfully simple and effective EQ made somewhat clumsy by its steadfast replication of the original hardware device.  The workflow will become second nature in time, just expect some frustration as you familiarize yourself with the device

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Brainworx BX_Console E & G – Real as it gets

Brainworx BX_Console E & G Review

Bottom Line
At $299 each these are little pricey, but considering you’re really buying a complete 72 channel console, I would highly recommend buying both E and G variants purely for the wide variety of options that open up when you have both. Either way, you are investing an exciting company with some serious high-end devices that will become mainstay go-to tool in your DAW for a long time to come

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Softube Trident A-Range EQ – A Rare Breed

Softube Trident A-RangeBottom Line:>
The Trident A-Range is the EQ you bring in to sweeten the mix, to add your mojo or whatever term you like to use. There are a lot of plugins on the market that will promise this, but few offer with such a simple workflow and authentic testimonial from the original builder – and for once I’m willing to believe something I’ve read on the Internet

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