PSP Audioware FETpressor – Smart Essentials

PSP Audioware FETpressor

$99 USD

Original review April 2018

Bottom Line:
PSP Audioware has done well to include this mainstay device in their catalogue which continues to provide solid plugins, each with special little tricks and personalities.  There is a harmonious synergy with this and others in the family that make PSP Audioware products all a pleasure to use

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Unfiltered Audio Zip – Beyond the Limitations

Unfiltered Audio Zip

$149 USD

Original Review January, 2018

Bottom Line
Zip is a predictable compressor that turns into an unpredictable plaything when needed. In a mixing environment where precision is what you look for, sometimes a little crazy is what you need, particularly if you’re finding your mixes are a little flat and lifeless

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