Cheshire Grimm: Bio

Cheshire Grimm: Bio

Three piece rockers, Cheshire Grimm, ensure their sophisticated musical backdrop supports the dual vocals from their front-women, Kat Waswo and Lora Thompson.

Photo: Ezra Andre Design

The band continues building a reputation throughout NZ and Australia as a precise live show with funky rhythms that get audiences involved and dancing. With drummer, Dan Yarranton providing not only solid backing, but also seismic fills and flashes along with the odd keyboard solo, this band launches their energy on stage and on record. Deft guitar work, interesting arrangements and personal lyrics make sure that this is a band to watch.

Influenced by a broad spectrum of music from grunge & prog-rock to electronic music , Cheshire Grimm have been able to distil their influences into something beyond a simple combination of parts. They manage to keep their rock sound sprawling, yet concise; hard-edged yet open: and, most of all, full of life. Those looking for genuineness in their music and honesty in the lyrics will find Cheshire Grimm refreshing, audiences everywhere seem to find something in the Cheshire Grimm sound to get excited about.’

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