Ariana Tikao release ‘Kōrakorako’ video

Ariana Tikao release ‘Kōrakorako’ video

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the release of Ariana Tikao‘s second solo album Tuia, she has released a new video for the song ‘Kōrakorako’, made by Jody Lloyd (Dark Tower/Trillion) who also plays a quirky cameo role.

Of the song, Ariana says, “I created the album Tuia with Dunedin based producer Leyton and I am still really proud of it. The recording features the wonderful taonga puoro playing of Richard Nunns and since then I have also started playing and composing with taonga puoro.”

The video is inspired by early paintings of the South Island landscape, with its soft hues, and romanticised imagery. Although Tikao now lives in Wellington, she still considers Te Wai Pounamu as her tūrakawaewae.

‘Kōrakorako’ is a Māori term for a pale-skinned person, albino, or otherworldly being.

“I wrote it as a chant when my son was a baby – he is now 17 years old. The song touches upon issues around identity, and acceptance of all people for who they are, regardless of skin colour. In some ways, it is a call for diversity, and celebration of difference.”

In Māori culture, birds can represent people and/or characteristics and they can also be the bearers of messages. The video features the kererū, also known as kukupā, which is Ariana’s son’s middle name.

“He was named after our cherished kaumātua Kukupā Tirikatene, who passed away earlier this year, so it is fitting that we honour and remember our Pāpā Kū and others who have passed away this year.”

The video’s creator, Jody Lloyd says ” I really wanted to challenge myself to develop a really slow, meditative and thoughtful music video style to match to music. In this world, everything is so fast-paced and everyone tries to grab attention by being flashy and slick. I want to create the opposite, like the viewer is turning through an art book, or staring out the window of a moving train. In those slow moments I come up with new ideas… or my thoughts wander in a creative way. I want to encourage everyone into that space. The world is a better place when we all inspire each other to think and create”.


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