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Advertising Rates: (Current September 2018)

Music Nation is an online music magazine centred on New Zealand’s vibrant live and pro audio music scene. We cover local and international touring bands, recording and trending artists. Music Nation also features in-depth editorials, interviews, reviews, and live concert media. Our tech columnists focus on photography and pro-audio equipment with hand on hardware and software reviews.

Advertising spaces are available for businesses and services with shared interests in the industry. Our target audience is;

  • Musicians
  • Local touring bands
  • Live music fans
  • Home and semi-pro recording studio owners
  • Music industry management
  • Live touring companies, lighting and sound operators.

We are very happy to work with advertising customers with unbiased features, interviews, and product reviews as long as they are a New Zealand music focused product, or band hailing from or soon to travel to our country.

Music Nation average website statistics

  • Launched February 1st, 2014
  • Visits per month 96,834 (Nov 2016)
  • Monthly page views 191,088 (Nov 2016)
  • Average bounce rate 38%
  • Average time on site 2:27 minutes

(WordPress Site Analytics May 1, 2016 – Dec 1 2016)

Current LIVE statistics (press F5 to update) 

Yesterday unique visitors: 269
Yesterday’s page hits: 1887
Unique visitors last 30 days: 6511
Total hits last 30 days: 36725

  • ‘Visitors’ are unique human visits to the site, even if they visit many times, only the original first ‘visit’ is counted until our cookie cache is reset, which we do every 30 days. Actual human visitors to the site (not including admin and bots) is approximately 3 times the unique visitor value.
  • Hits are a culmination of all the pages looked at by visitors to the site. On average each visitor spends 6 minutes on the site visiting 5 pages.

Facebook Insights (June 2017):

Total likes 5642

Average post engagements 918

Average post reach per week 16,450

Facebook followersFacebook engagement
52% Male

  • 24% 13-17
  • 12% 18-24
  • 5% 25-34

48% Female

  • 15% 13-17
  • 10% 18-24
  • 7% 25-34
51% Male

  • 8% 18-24
  • 16% 25-34
  • 17% 35-44

49 % Female

  • 14% 18-24
  • 12% 25-35
  • 13% 35-44

* based on fan interaction utilizing Facebook Insights

Advertising criteria

All advertising is offered on a 4-week minimum block. A further 15% discount is applied for 3 month or larger block bookings. We prefer to work with customers offering products or services directly benefit Music Nation visitors, musicians and/or the NZ music industry in general.

Banner spots are full-colour advertising images down the right-hand side of all pages, with exception to concert photos and editorials pages due to design limitation. Banner spots include URL linking and monthly analytic reports.

You can provide up to four banner ads which are randomly rotated* each time a visitor reloads or visits new pages on the site.

All bookings include graphic design (you supply copy and images).

Advertising rates and options (All prices NZ Dollars)

The Prime Mover

Top of the page location, prime location under our website sponsor. Includes up to 4 unique ads on a random rotation* with URL links. Average monthly impressions: 61,000-83,000

$65NZD/week. 4-week minimum booking, 15% discount for a 3-month campaign or longer. 

The Center Sizzle 

Directly under our concert review listing, this high view location receives excellent coverage. Includes up to 4 unique ads on a random rotation* with URL links. Average monthly impressions: 42,500-56,000

$45NZD/week. 4-week minimum booking, 15% discount for a 3-month campaign or longer. 

The Mighty Mid

All spaces below the Centre Sizzle, arranged by first-come, first served basis. Includes up to 4 unique ads on a random rotation* with URL links. Average monthly impressions: 12,500-56,000

$35NZD/week. 4-week minimum booking, 15% discount for a 3-month campaign or longer. 

*Please note: random banner rotations are, well…random. If you choose more than one banner image for your campaign (up to four are included with your spot), due to the nature of the random ad generator, there is a possibility any one of the ads might not even show, or possibly only show and the rest don’t – depending on the luck of the draw. If you require focus promotion for a specific event, please choose either a single banner placement – or better still, supply four unique images for the same event.

If you have multiple events that must display, please contact us and we can negotiate a better rate for these extra placements.

The Prime Mover 280w x 400h

Website sponsor

An opportunity is available for a global media sponsor. Please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss details.

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